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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 1860

Produce a power point presentation to try and convince year 7 to eat healthier.

Extracts from this document...


Holly mee My Coursework project 1A Power point presentation on healthy eating Introduction In this project I'm going to produce a power point presentation to try and convince year 7 to eat healthier. I will use my own ideas but will also find information from other sources, e.g. Books, Internet, food labels. I will find text information, pictures, and number information. Finding the information I could find my information from the following sources. Source what information Internet text, pictures, and numbers Books text and numbers Food labels numbers Magazines pictures and text Clip art pictures Collecting information not using the Internet Clip art A non-IT source. I have collected food labels for my non-IT source, here is one I will use the numbers off of this to maybe compare to a healthier option. This will contribute to my explanation of why a healthier option is best Info off the computer I found a list of foods in the cooking section on the computer; this will come in handy when I try to explain which foods are high in witch nutrients. However some of them are about bad foods so I may use them too to compare Collecting information using the Internet This search wasn't that successful. So I searched for two things instead. Designing my presentation These next three pages are my ideas for the layout of my presentation. ...read more.


so then I went to motion clips instead I quite liked the picture at the end, but I had to see what it did so I clicked the left button on my mouse when the cursor was over the picture. Then clicked on play clip. I liked it so I inserted it on to my slide My final draft Where I can I've have made the text the same size and font for easier reading, I have also tried to make my work consistent by putting all the pictures on the same side and making all my writing the same font and my titles the same size. I have tried to make every slide as interesting as possible so the year 7's do not lose interest. I have done this by adding pictures, both still and moving. I have corrected all spellings as best I can but I will need an adult to double check to make sure. How I saved my work First I arranged all my work it to different groups, and created folders for these. Then I sorted all the Gcse work it to different pieces of course work and work for the other ICT lesson I do. I found it a little confusing because I had so many pieces of work. So I put all the work in the different months folders depending when they were made. ...read more.


Eye strain- strained after staring at a computer screen for a long time particularly in bad light or a flickering screen. Ozone irritation- laser printers are thought to emit Ozone that can lead to breathing problems A fully adjustable chair, screens should be tilted and turned to avoid bad or awkward movements. Make sure posture is correct; use wrist rests and have a five-minute break from typing every hour. Screen filters can remove a high percentage of the harmful rays emitted from a computer screen. Use non-flickering screens. Take regular breaks, and make sure lighting is suitable. Place laser printers at least one meter away from where people are working and there should be good air ventilation Safety in the computer room Here are just some of the safety problems that can occur while working at a computer and how to solve them Employer regulations General working environment Employers must: * Provide tilt able screens * Provide anti-glare screen filters * Provide adjustable chairs * Provide foot supports * Make sure lighting is suitable * Make sure work stations are not cramped * Plan work at a computer so there are breaks Pay for eye and eyesight tests by an qualified optician * There should be no trailing wires * Food and drink should not be placed near a machine * Electrical sockets should not be overloaded * There must be adequate space around the machine * Heating and ventilation must be suitable * Lighting must be suitable with no glare or reflections Benches must be strong enough to support computers Holly Mee 1 02/05/2007 ...read more.

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