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Producing a database and standard letters - difference between computerised and manual systems

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Difference between computerised and manual systems Benefits of my system The system will benefit the user in various ways such as the employer because he will be able to find a lot more staff then before because his employees will like their occupation more so then more employees will want to join the company so then the employer could make a training department so that he could choose the best employees and by doing that he has the best workers i.e. his company will work more smoother with more better trained staff. This will benefit the employees by when they know how to use the system then they can serve so many customers plus the database type a flight can store so many records inside it so when a new customer comes to join the company the employee can easily go on to the switchboard and then click on the button where it says "New customer." Also by this the employees will serve more and more customers in lesser period of time so they will make more profit. The system will benefit the customer by when the ring the company they will be much faster and the customers will be more pleased with the company. Furthermore when the customers ask for the details then the company can give the details in an instance and not like before when they take their time because they used to search for their details. ...read more.


Benefits of using ICT to produce my system Task Advantage of doing it on PC Disadvantage of doing it on PC Getting information about the travel agency The advantage of doing this on computer is that you won't have waste that much time in actually looking for the company because you can go on the company website. The disadvantages of doing this are that it will cost you money because you are using electricity and you are making the bills go higher. It is much easier then doing it manually, because you have to do less manpower. Also the other reason is that it might take quite a long time in searching for the company's website. Also The other disadvantage is that you might not be able to get as much information you need and you might get the wrong information. Design a logo and a slogan for the travel agency The advantage is that the copy you will produce on computer will be more shaper and neater then doing it by hand. The disadvantage is that it will rake more time to do it because you have to do everything correctly. You won't have to hire professionals to do this kind of job because there are a lot of different applications that you can get for drawing and you can choose the application which suits you best. ...read more.


practical more neater and better for the employees to use more easier furthermore I will also try to use the method of mail merge which I do not know how to use yet but in the near future I will. Also I will try to make my system such that no use better software that works faster and more efficiently and that it work have viruses that much. Also the new system will be better in a sense that you can do more things on like more people will be able to book more flight at a time. The software I am going to use is mail merge. I will constantly update my database with more information so that there can be more customers and I will put new design so that the customers don't get bored of the same thing and that there will be more customers attracted to the company. Mail merge is a software function that is describing the production of multiple documents from a single template form and a structured data source. This will help to create personalized letters and pre-addressed envelopes or mailing labels for mass mailings from a word processing document. When the employees will know how to use mail merge then company will run more smoothly. Comparison of ICT to Manual = 1 Advantages and disadvantages of system =2 Alternative Solutions and future enhancement = 2 ?? ?? ?? ?? AO3 1/7 ...read more.

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