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Producing materials to promote healthy eating.

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Review The five a day DIDA project is all about eating healthily; to do this it is recommended you eat five pieces of fruit and vegetables a day. Our goal in the course was to try and make people aware of what they were eating and try to help them eat more healthily. The Five A Day project. To help me keep in check and understand what I need to be doing to use my time efficiently I made a plan. My plan is moderately easy to read and I used colour as a key which makes it look visually attractive. My plan is useful for checking what I still need to do. I've managed my time pretty well by catching up on work at home on anything that needs doing; if I didn't do this I think I would be behind, so this has helped me lots. On my plan we planned when we had holidays or IT days which could affect if we could work on PC's in school. Recently dew to bad weather the school system has been down so we have lost out on time on the school computers; in order to keep up to date we had to hand Wright in lessons and continue planning what needs to be done when we got the access back on school PC's. ...read more.


Teacher Said "A really good concept here Sam with the Angel Smoothie. I think it needs some instructions with a heading such as "How to make it". Also you could have a heading "What you need". The white text works well but the new labels will give you an opportunity to add an extra bit of colour. Very good - well done!" Digital posters - We made our digital posters for children aged between 9-12 years of age; we had to make them look attractive and interesting, we did this by using Music, animation, attractive colours and word art. Hopefully they will find some of the information on my poster and take something from it. This is a picture of my Digital poster I made my digital poster by using a combination of Adobe Photoshop and Power point. The hardest part I thought was creating the timings for animations and using the master templates; I also linking pages hard as it was really confusing and it took me quite a long time to do. I enjoyed choosing the colour code and generally designing the look of the poster; creating the graphics that went on the poster (using adobe Photoshop) Sophie heaven said "it flows really well and everything looks neat and matches" I needed to add more information which would help anyone who was looking for a healthier alternative to snacking on junk food. ...read more.


the internet, shop, friends and information centres, these sources were either Primary sources or secondary sources; meaning primary where sources I had gone created for example taking photos of fruit. Secondary sources would count as sources which I haven't created. It is vital I don't break any copyright laws while doing this project so I had to make sure everything I used from the internet whether it be images or music or any type of media from the internet was ok to use or had TOS (terms of service) Sources Conclusion - I have enjoyed doing most of the DIDA project; I found doing the graphics for the project really pleasing. Although I enjoyed doing the work I found some of the work really hard; I struggled to understand what planning was at the start of the project but slowly it began to make more sense and I could begin to work on it. Nearer to the end of last year we had some problems with the schools I.T system so for a few lessons we couldn't do our work at school; but I did some work at home and I was able to keep mostly up to date. Over all I think this project has been fun apart from a few tedious tasks that we had to overcome but once we overcame them it was all good. I think I will take I.T further and may decide to do I.T for A- level ...read more.

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