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Proposal on making a website [Unit 2]

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My website is intended for a large audience; those who do not have the recycling bins/boxes and would like to order them, those who already have them but would like to learn how to use them and what to put into them; school/parents who would like to educate their children about the importance of the environment and thus recycling (the main theme). Others, also, may visit the website just out of interest or to increase their prior general knowledge further. My website will contain content in reference with the scenario. Each different bin/box will have its own page with its picture, how it can be used (may even do this in animation form), what materials to/NOT put inside each different box. ...read more.


they will be able to submit written feedback on how they felt. The 6th page is a page dedicated to young people, educating them about the effects that not-recycling can eventually have on the planet and, therefore, us. The style will be consistent with the house-style described on the site plan. The font chosen for the main heading is 'informal' yet professional, to keep user-friendliness, and is also readable, not to put off the viewer. Images will be placed in appropriate locations depending on the style of that particular page to reinforce concepts/ideas presented. They will be in correct proportion and will be may be edited (brightness/contrast etc.) ...read more.


This website will be tested systematically post-production by viewing the 'live' product on a web-browser. I will go through every page to check whether all components work as intended and whether the production really does look like a (professional, business) website. I may, if appropriate, use beta-testing from the viewers' general evaluations of what could be changed and what important information has been omitted. The website will be adapted to meet the following: * Usable on either PC or MAC * Require an appropriate-speed internet connection (images will be optimised to perfect this) * Can be viewed on either IE or Firefox I will be using Webplus 10 to produce this website. Note that the Aims and Target Audience are in another document ?? ?? ?? ?? Riyadh Abdulla 11J4 Website Proposal Unit 2 - AO1 ...read more.

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Response to the question

In summary, the report is quite good. The report details how the student will create a website to provide information and an ordering process to allow people top understand their recycling bins. However there's some area's of the report, which ...

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Response to the question

In summary, the report is quite good. The report details how the student will create a website to provide information and an ordering process to allow people top understand their recycling bins. However there's some area's of the report, which lack detail. The report should mention all aspects of the proposed website and some area's are missing or not detailed enough. The website proposal doesn't state the age group that the website is going to be intended for. From reading the description, I'm going to assume young adults to middle aged adults. However this is not clear, and I could be assuming wrong. The student would need to input their target age group. The student has mention that there are going to use roll over images, on their navigation system. However what does this contain? The report colour include something on the lines of 'The roll-over images will contain a black background, and when a user hovers over the image, this will change to light blue'.

Level of analysis

The report states '(may even do this in animation form)'. The website proposal shouldn't have if's/maybe's. The report should clearly outline how the website will look and what this will contain. The report states that the font will be 'informal (yet professional)' however there haven't justified their reasoning for this. The student should input their own reason to why there believe it's professional, as using an informal text is usually not professional.

Quality of writing

The report states the term 'image maps', however this isn't the correct technical term to use. The term should be 'hotspot', which could be explained within the report. The report could include 'An hotspot is an area within the website, which when a user clicks within that area, there will be directed to a different web page or a different website.'

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Reviewed by danielbeal 01/03/2012

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