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Proposed Hardware and Software For a Computer Aided Design Company

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Proposed Hardware and Software for a Computer Aided Design Company There are several pieces of computer equipment a design company would need to function efficiently. Firstly they would need the correct input and output devices. To input the data a computer and mouse would be needed, these are standard input devices. The company would perhaps benefit from the use of a light pen rather than a mouse, though this would depend greatly on the software packages they would be using. Another input device that may be useful to the company would be a Graphics Tablet or Digitiser. The user can draw professional quality illustrations onto the flat rectangular surface of the digitiser, using a stylus. ...read more.


Whether the company chose a scanner with OCR (optical Character Recognition) would be there choice, though it would not be necessary. The software the company would need would probably be specialist software, rather than off-the-shelf packages. However as well as this the company would need the relevant software to co-ordinate the input and output devices (this normally comes with the hardware). An operating system, such as Microsoft Windows, would be essential, and it may also be useful to the company to have a word processing and a database package. This would allow the company to keep their accounts on computer and allow them to send mail merge letters, for example. Output devices the company would need are obviously a printer. ...read more.


The company may even want a screen with an even higher resolution. As for the memory required by the company, they will need a very powerful processor, perhaps a 1GB processor. They will also need enough RAM to run all the applications. As well as the company will need non-volatile memory, ROM. This could be anything from magnetic tapes to optical disks. I think it would be advisable for the company to have a large hard disk drive, to save templates on, for example. Floppy Disks would not really be a suitable solution as they aren't big enough to hold large picture files, for examples. CD-Rs or CD-RWs would be more suitable to save individual design projects on, and magnetic tape, such as Digital Linear Tape, would be a suitable method of backing storage due its large memory capabilities. ...read more.

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