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Provide a detailed analysis of the impact of ICT on internal and external communication of the business.

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C3 Provide a detailed analysis of the impact of ICT on internal and external communication of the business. Marks and Spencer need to communicate with a range of individual and organisations including customers, their suppliers, as well as their own employees. Marks and Spencer business rely on modern technology to communicate. The new methods make communication more versatile, more targeted, more reliable, quicker and more convenient. Nowadays technology has made many changes to businesses, for example the internet is world-wide network of computer systems. The Internet can be used to send e-mails to another user and also messages can be received. Without this modern technology communication will not be so effective. This has had a huge impact in businesses including M&S, which will be describe later. ...read more.


E-mail can be sent amongst staff so that they can understand what to do at what time. Face-to-face is used in conversation or to make presentation in Marks and Spencer. Used to make suggestions and request and to carry out briefings. Users need to adopt the correct tone and to be familiar with the content of the message. Memos are used between staff. Memos are intend to be informal between colleagues. The messages are kept to the point and ere very brief. In Marks and Spencer memos are put into staffs pigeon hole which clearly explains them what should they do. The advantages of memos are, they are quick and strait to the point. The disadvantages are they can get lost and also the message might not be read. ...read more.


Communication may be one-to-one, a person sending private message to another person, or one to many, in which one person sends a message to many people connected to the network. The advantages of e-mail are the same message can be sent immediately to many people, fast and efficient, complete files can be sent/downloaded with any message. The disadvantages are can result in junk --mail where the wrong people receive the message, no face-to-face or verbal contact with business colleagues. The impact of ICT on internal and external communication in Marks and Spencer Internal Better management information possibly leading to more effective control and decision making. Greater use of electronic media. Quick dissemination of information, e.g. through e-mail. Less reliance on face-to-face meetings. Effect on management. Effect on staff e.g. fewer staff needed amount of training required. External Level of customer satisfaction Impact of junk mail Relations with suppliers Speed of response to enquiries Quick access to centrally help information through database ...read more.

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