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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 3788

Publisher. My fathers friends name is Mr. Hussaini, as his restaurant has just opened he wants me to make him a menu for his restaurant.

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COURSEWORK ON PUBLISHING TASK 1: IDENTIFY Today I have been given a task from my father's friend who is the manager of a very famous restaurant. The name of his restaurant is 'Taj Mahal' which has recently opened but is doing very well as a starter. My fathers friend's name is 'Mr. Hussaini', as his restaurant has just opened he wants me to make him a menu for his restaurant. He has chosen me for this task because he knows me for so many years as a very good student with talent of designing and publishing. The following are the problems he is facing: 1. Problems with the customers in choosing a particular dish as they are just mentioned orally. 2. Problems with the workers in memorizing all the dishes, their costs and their type. He has given me a list of things that I need to enter in the menu which are listed below as user requirements: * The names of the dishes and their type * The prices for all the dishes. * A small content of writing giving the main ingredients in the recipe. * Dividing the menu into sections according to which a customer can select the meal. * Insert the logo of his shop. * Mention that there is free delivery. * Mention the contact number of the restaurant. So after having a look at the requirements I did my research and came up with the following alternative solutions, 1. Use paper and colour pencils: This is a manual way of making the menu for the restaurant. By doing this method you can use any of your imaginative designs to make the menu standout and look attractive. But this method takes a lot of time as drawing your imaginative designs can take a lot of time and errors can also take a lot of time to be corrected. ...read more.


2. Magnetic tape: this is often used when large amount of data needs to be backed up, but the access time of a magnetic tape is slow, hence is not so suitable for working fast. 3. Optical disks: these include compact discs and DVDs, they store digital data as pits on surface of reflective disc. They also have a fast access time. 4. Zip drivers or zip discs: this is a large and thick normal floppy disk, that can store up to 100MB or 250MB of data, and can be used to back up important files. 5. Jaz drives: they are removable disks that are very fast at transferring data. They can hold up to 2GB or 200MB of data. They can also be used for everyday storage, just like ordinary disk drives. Now after seeing all these devices of storing data, I chose the optical discs. By using these, the data is retained in the computer and can be copied on to DVDs for long-term storage and any future use. This data can be used to do market research, to find out the growth of the business over the years, which can be used for future predictions. These advanced functions are not available with the other two manual methods. Security: There are many types of security regarding for the safety of important files. These different types of security are mentioned below: 1. Physical security of files: the computer that contains the important files should be protected from physical harm. As hazards such as fire, lightening, water damage, can cause damage to the computer and may cause loose of important data. To prevent this type of hazard, computers would be kept inside fireproof doors near no heavy objects, which may cause harm to the computer during earthquakes that contains the important files. 2. Soft ware security: as viruses can corrupt the data in the files, antiviral soft ware should be used to scan the computer's memory regularly to detect any unnoticeable viruses. ...read more.


The use of a map to show and represent the destination of the restaurant. 2. The use of pictures to show the interior of the restaurant that will persuade visitors to re-visit. 3. The use of pictures that show Indian spices and the Taj Mahal, which is the seventh wonder of the world, hence the pictures represent the name and the type of restaurant Taj Mahal is. 4. A very attractive tag line for the restaurant that is very effective as well. 5. The use of informal language to make the reader feel comfortable and homely. The print out of the menu is attached with the course work. Hence as you can see I have achieved all the things I needed to and also got good result for my hard work. This project helped me a lot, I learned how to use the Microsoft publisher application and how to coop up with things in short time, I hope I will face like these projects more in my life and will be able to do them better. The following page has the user comments for my final piece of menu and it goes as follows: User comments: To Insha Afreen, Student of year 10 Al Risala School Sub: Final results Finally the project done by you to design and build the menu for my restaurant is completed. And I am proud to say that it came out very well. The requirements provided to you are fully met. We will be utilizing this menu in our business and see its affect, and I am sure that it will improve our cash collection. Best of Luck for your future endeavors. Regards. Further improvements: For this project the following can have been the improvements: * Inserted a suitable border for the menu * Scanned the awards won be the restaurant and inserted them into the menu. * Inserted the contact number. * Added the address of the restaurant with the map. ?? ?? ?? ?? ICT PUBISHING COURSEWORK 1 ...read more.

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