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Purposes for which ICT is used and a description of ICT sysyems.

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Thomas Telford Bowling Report A Report A Purposes for which ICT is used Communication is very essential and important when it comes down to using ICT for Thomas Telford Bowling organisation. E-mail is used in able to contact the head office in Burton who they need to stay in touch with. Telephones are also used for the Head office, to deal with customers and suppliers. Keypads and monitors allow the customer to communicate with the lane computer that is more advanced and easier. PA systems are used to make announcements throughout the centre and letters are word processed for customers and special events. In addition, invoices and orders are produced and sent to customers and suppliers. ...read more.


The finance such as the budgets are forecasted and monitored by a spreadsheet and sales are entered and totalled via the standalone PC in the admin office. Finally, the payroll is produced by swipe card and then a fax transmits details to the head office. Report B Description of ICT systems The hardware input contains keyboard for entering sales details at the control desk, operating the back office computer, entering data into spreadsheets or word processed orders and letters, also to enter details into each bowling lane. A mouse for controlling windows on the standalone PC in the admin office, a magnetic Stripe Reader for authoring Credit card deals at the control desk. ...read more.


The storage is 1Gb Hard drive to store data/software on the standalone PC in the admin office and 32MB RAM on the standalone PC in the admin office. The port cables, PS/2 ports and leads used for connecting keyboard and mouse to PC's, parallel printer ports and cables are used to connect printers to PC's and network cards used for connecting PC's with Cat 5 cables to the network. The software plays the part such as the AMF Advantage Back Office management information software. AMF retail specialist sales software, AMF Gold Box Accuscore lane controls software. There is also the Microsoft Windows 98 operating system, Lotus 123 Spreadsheet for spreadsheet for producing and monitoring local budgets. Microsoft Word for producing orders, business letters etc and Microsoft Outlook for transmitting and receiving e-mails. ...read more.

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