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Questions and Answers on the Features of Presentation Software

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´╗┐Worksheet Name: Features of Presentation Software: Task Sheet ________________ 1. List some features available in presentation software which can be used to alter the appearance of text Font; Colour; Size; Bold; Italic; Underlined; Animation; Subscripts; Alignment; 2. Identify at least three things which you should consider when using text in a presentation. 1. Text must meet the needs of the audience. 1. Text style and size should be selected with the audience in mind and to be clear and easy to read. 1. Amount of text used on each slide should be considered. 3. Explain how images can be used to help to improve a presentation Images can help convey a message relating to the presentation, or to aid the presenter in remembering what to talk about etc. Images can help make a presentation more appealing visually and less likely to bore the audience. Images can help reduce the text on presentations as they can help portray the information you are trying to present. 4. Identify at least three things which you should consider when using images in a presentation. ...read more.


7. Identify three sources of sound files which could be used in a presentation. 1. Clapping 1. Drum Roll 1. Chimes 8. Identify two situations where a video might be used in a presentation 1. As a Companies advertising campaign. 1. To present information about the presentation in a more visual and fun way. 9. Identify at least three problems of using videos within a presentation 1. They can draw the attention of the audience away from the information presented. 1. They can be of a large file size which may slow the presentation down. 1. They may cause technical issues within the presentation. 10. Explain what is meant by ?animation? in a presentation Animation is visual effects (VFX) that can be added to different elements of your presentation, for example. Text, graphics, movies charts etc. animation allows you to control the way certain elements appear and exit on screen. 11. Identify two reasons why you might choose to use animation in a presentation 1. ...read more.


16. List four different uses of a hyperlink on a presentation slide 1. Hyperlinks can be used to take you to another slide. 1. Hyperlinks can be connected to an email. 1. Hyperlinks can be connected to a document 4. Hyperlinks can take you to a webpage or social group online. 17. Explain what is meant by the term, ?hotspot? Hotspots (Area mapping) is when part of a screen display is hyperlinked to a location or animation etc and another part of that screen display is hyperlinked to a different location or animation. 18. Give two examples to show how a hotspot might be used in a presentation 1. On a certain part of an image which is relevant to your presentation, it may take you to another slide on the presentation linked to that topic. 1. On a part of text that is relevant to your presentation, it may be hyperlinked to somewhere that has more information on that topic 19. Explain the purpose of buttons within a presentation Buttons help make the presentation more interactive for the audience, also buttons can be used to trigger certain actions on the presentation for eg. Animations, Sound, Graphics, Hyperlinks, etc. ...read more.

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