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Remote Network Administration for the

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1Jason Rusk IS300 Term Paper Remote Network Administration for the Home and Small Office User Remote network administration is a fast growing and widely used technology in the IT field today. It gives system and network administrators as well as home users the ability to fix problems, allow or deny access to websites, download information directly from another computer, and give program permissions for different users from the office that they are at or from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection. With this very powerful technology, come some very significant problems such as securing remote access sessions via data encryption, the use of Virtual Private Networks (VPN's) and a vast amount of networking and connection problems that can occur. There are very useful tools and articles that have been written and programmed to help the network administrator or the savvy user that wants to connect to his computer at home. This paper will focus on network administration for small business and home users using a VPN, Remote Desktop Connection and Symantec's PC Anywhere for Microsoft Windows XP Professional. ...read more.


The SOHO user can dial-in through a modem or connect through a broadband connection to the network at home through a public network, such as the Internet2. This creates a direct virtual connection to the network at home that is more secure. This allows the user to manipulate the computer from wherever they are in the world. A VPN can use 3 different protocols: point-to-point tunneling protocol (PPTP), the newer layer-two tunneling protocol (L2TP) and IP Security Protocol (IPSec). Tunneling provides a secure and cost-effective way to connect two computers that are both connected to the internet1.Tunneling protocols bypass the protocols of the internet and make a virtual, direct path to the other computer. Remote Desktop Connection is very similar to a VPN. It creates a direct connection to the home or office computer. Unlike the limitations of a VPN, the RDC feature is built into the XP Pro shell. Using RDC the user can completely manipulate the computers at the office as if the user was right there in front of it because it only transmits the images of the desktop to the client computer. ...read more.


or implement an internal server which in the long run is more cost effective. It also gives the user more control over availability and reliability4 The last article covers network administration trough vehicular mobile commerce. The article covers Bluetooth connectivity and how car manufacturers are trying to put wireless technology in more than 20 million cars by 2008. BMW for example is trying to use Wi-Fi technology in their vehicles to make them "hotspots" so that the users can connect to the internet from anywhere that the car is. This will be a huge advancement and advantage for network administrators. NA could then work anywhere their car is because they have the internet connectivity to do so. Drivers of the new vehicles could download company data and not have to wait until the next time that they reach an internet access point5. Years from now, SOHO users will have more connectivity than ever when it comes to business. Everything from the technology of now like RDC and the technology of the future like vehicular Wi-Fi, Users will have unlimited potential and will virtually never leave he with out their home PC. ...read more.

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