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Renaissance Choir Finance Management System

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Renaissance Choir Finance Management System Introduction I will be making a system for the accounts of Renaissance Choir. Renaissance Choir are based in Emsworth and have 29 members. They sing at many events throughout the year and sometimes in Chichester Cathedral. They meet weekly. Statement of Problem Renaissance Choir require a system to manage their finances. It must be flexible and easy to use, so that anyone could come along and use it, without previous knowledge. Schedule of Activities Section Weeks Specification 1.5 Implementation 3 Testing 1.5 Evaluation 1 User Documentation 1 Total 8 Background The current system is based on two books containing input and output for the choir. All entries are written into the book by hand, and the books have to be carried to meetings when necessary and this is not very convenient, and rather slow. A computerised system would be more efficient. The system needs to deal with petty cash, as a constant amount is usually kept as a float or for occasions where cash is required and not a cheque or other method of payment. ...read more.


This has given me much background and other useful information, that can be used to help produce the system. Volume of Data The system will be updated on a weekly basis, so it must be relatively easy to add, delete and change records, as it will be used so frequently. However, cheques need to be paid in at random intervals, and the system will need to recalculate totals and other formulae after each of these events. It must also be able to cope with petty cash, which can fluctuate. Problems with the Current System Problems with the current system are its inability to transfer data easily between the two books and the balance sheet, the fact that it is slow and rather inefficient, due to having two heavy books to carry around. Hardware Full Potential To get good performance from the system, the requirements would be: 200 MHz processor speed 16 MB Ram 16 Bit colour graphics or better Software Full Potential The features of Excel that I will use to create the system are: macros, buttons and controls, formulae, charts, pivot table reports, visual basic, linked workbooks and Input and Output The user will enter data every week. ...read more.


Also, anything that shouldn't be altered (e.g. integral system parts) will be protected to prevent alteration. There will be macros to do things like moving between sheets and adding records. Objectives to Perform My end user wants the system to be able to: * Hold both income and expenditure in one place * Cope with petty cash that is used for floats at events and other purposes * Be able to transfer data between sections easily * Produce graphs and charts of the data * Produce summaries of the data Performance Indicators * Must be able to open relatively quickly, even on lower spec machines * Must be able to contain a large volume of data while still retaining a file size below 100 kilobytes * It must be relatively easy and quick to enter data or perform other operations * It must be relatively difficult to make mistakes while entering data (using drop-down lists, buttons, macros etc) * It must be easy to get to specific sections * It must be foolproof- e.g. impossible to alter critical system aspects * It must be possible to alter the structure of the database when necessary * * * * ?? ?? ?? ?? John Morgan ...read more.

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