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IMPACT OF ICT ON AN ADULT IN EMPLOYMENT, INCLUDING THE EFFECT ON WORKING STYLE I am going to investigate Stan Chipcate, who works as a wedding planner/clothes designer in Greenford, West London for a huge company called Carrera. He works from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m. and often has to carry on some of the paperwork home as the work load generally gets the better of him. The job can interfere with his social and personal life, if for example, he has to continue working till late in the night and his wife is deprived of having a chance to interact with him. Stan generally heeds the use of technologies such as a PDA, his mobile phone and laptop and the internet (i.e. ...read more.


* When using a laptop, it is much easier to exchange files with other people. * Wireless capabilities allow for greater mobility while surfing the net on the move. However, there are also some disadvantages: * The laptop can be the reason for many thefts taking place. * Laptops can be very fragile and can be damaged by little falls and the sort. * Laptops have a relatively short battery life (typically five hours). * It takes minutes to boot up a laptop computer, thirty seconds if resuming function from a sleep or hibernation mode. How the technology meets the needs of the adult: Professionally and how it has affected the adult's working styles (the way the adult works): Stan Chipcate uses his laptop for a number of reasons and it's changed the way he works enormously. ...read more.


The possible connection to the internet also allows Stan to contact other colleagues and/or bosses for important information when at home or away. Other significant features that help Stan include the likes of portable storage media capabilities - this consists of the laptop allowing Stan to use CDs/DVDs to present his work, (makes for better quality) USB and firewire slots - allows Stan to connect many other devices such as printers to the laptop, and an LCD screen - which permits Stan to present and use a crisp and clear view. Since Mr Chipcate has purchased a laptop, he no longer has to go through the hassle of forgetting important files/documents at home or work. The mobility is of a practical use with Stan now relying on his laptop to deliver. By using a laptop, Stan has also improved the workload he used to carry ...read more.

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