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Report 3C ICT Meeting Special Needs

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Report 3C: ICT Meeting Special Needs I have researched Carl Heinberger. Introduction In this report I will address the issue of ICT aiding people with certain disabilities. I will also be evaluating the extent to which the technologies help the needs of the people with disabilities. Carl Heinberger has a few unfortunate disabilities including being deaf, suffering migraines and partial blindness. This hampers the everyday life of Carl, who needs a lot of assistance while accessing equipment he cannot use due to his disabilities. Carl has an everyday job of an administrator for the local Magistrates. This involves using a lot of VDU equipment (or Visual Display Unit e.g. computer), the photocopier and carrying out filing tasks. Technology 1: A Braille keyboard is the first technology that Carl uses, as he has impaired eyesight. This particular type of keyboard was first invented to aid blind people and other people with eyesight problems to use the keyboard easily. It uses the Braille alphabet on top of the original keyboard, allowing blind and visually impaired people to use the keyboard as well. Advantages: * The keyboards aren't that much harder or more expensive or manufacture than the normal keyboard, which results in low pricing costs. ...read more.


Advantages: * Loop systems give clear sounds to the user. * The loop sets are cost effective. * Can be used without the need for a hearing aid. Disadvantages: * Car loops aren't very well known at all and maybe an errand to find. * They can only be used in cars. * Setting up the loop may take a bit of patience and time. How the technology helps meet Carl's needs Socially: - The car loop technology allows Carl to hear much more clearly than he can with a hearing aid and this is very useful for when he goes out with his friends in his car (even though he doesn't drive it, he sits in the passenger seat). Carl likes to travel a lot with his friends and the journeys would be ever so boring if he were to sit and listen to silence or little heard mumbling. That's where the car loops helps so much, especially as it allows Carl to hear so clearly. Evaluation: The technology allows Carl to communicate and be involved in more conversations with his friends, which would not be possible without the loop system. ...read more.


Usually, Carl is set tasks that involve him using the Microsoft Works programs (e.g. Word, Excel etc.) and they are typically long, hard and winding tasks, which forces Carl to take regular breaks according to the WorkPace monitor. He also benefits from the exercises demonstrated and orchestrated by the software, which help in reducing the risk of him getting RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury). Evaluation: Overall, this software is very useful for Carl as it helps in reminding him to take customary breaks. This also means that Carl reduces the number of migraines he gets. Before using the WorkPace monitor, he used to suffer from about 3 to 5 migraines a week, but now, he only gets the occasional once-a-week migraine. The biggest problem with using this technology is the problem with Carl using his impaired eyesight to view the pop-ups, alerts and other vital information. The program also gets annoyingly sluggish when Carl is using the computer with a number of programs open. Another choice that Carl has is to use a watch with an alarm function that can ring every hour which is the general time for when a break is needed. Although, it won't have the versatility and fitness regimes that the WorkPace monitor technology contains. It would be a cheaper solution though, compared to the monitor. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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