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report for ICT systems used in technology for special needs people

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Report for special needs groups In this report where I am writing about special needs, it will be different to the other reports for community activities, personal communications, business and working styles. Instead of talking about the advantages, disadvantages, how it meets users needs and consequences of no ICT access, as a whole on all things where ICT is used under each group, I will specify a piece of technology that uses ICT for each of the groups - visually impaired, hearing impaired etc.... and then talk about the benefits, disadvantages, how it meets the users needs and consequences if there is no ICT access. I will be doing this as it is harder to explain and talk about benefits, disadvantages etc.... as a whole under each group as there are many different kinds of things that are used involving ICT under all 4 groups in which they are good and bad in their own different ways and so it will be too hard to explain that, it will be much easier to specify a technology that uses ICT and then talk about it. ...read more.


Disadvantages: Users must be near the beacon to see it flash, and some need wires and so they can't be taken around with you or plugged anywhere. How it meets the users needs: It meets user's needs as it is easy to carry around as batteries can be used and so will always be in sight to see whether it flashes or not. Allows deaf people to know when the door rings as the beacon flashes. Consequences of not having ICT access: People with hearing impairment can miss door bell very easily as they are not using the door beacon and less technology will be used by person and so they will not be able to do many things which being hearing impaired had prevented them from doing. Mobile phones Mobile phones can also be used by hearing impaired people for texting people and so they can communicate with them easily. It also will be good for the person as it features camera as well Benefits: Allows hearing impaired people to communicate with friends in a way which is usually used and so they will not be left out. ...read more.


In some cases the whole shape and layout of the keyboard may be radically altered Benefits: It Reduces strains, movements, twists and tensions, Reduces the pain and effort of typing, and allows physically impaired people in some cases to be able to use the computer and type using the key board. Disadvantages: It cannot be used by all physically impaired people e.g. some one who can not use their arms at all can not use the keyboard, sometimes improper set up can lead to poor ergonomic alignment, and it is extremely difficult to set up to gain full benefit- special training may be required. How it meets the users needs: Ergonomic keyboards meets users needs by allowing them to use keyboards for various reasons from the shape of how it is made depending on how the user is physically impaired. It will allow the user to do work on computers, play on computers and even email people, allowing users to do things that may have never thought to be possible and allowing them to have fun and do normal things. Consequences of not having ICT access: Users will not be able to use Ergonomic keyboard on computer and so won't be able to do work or play games on computer. ...read more.

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