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Report on the Current and likely Future Developments in ICT.

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Title: Report on the Current and likely Future Developments in ICT. Name: c1205770 Group: BIS B Module Tutor: Len Williams Date: 10/02/2003 Introduction This report has been written in order to address the subject of ICT (Information and Communication Technology). It will explain and give examples of both current and likely future developments within this field. It will also discuss in detail the effects of future developments on my chosen company; British Airways. 1.1 Current uses of ICT With the world moving into a new millennium it is apparent that the use of ICT has become increasingly important, and will continue to do so. In the developed world today, more and more people are being influenced by ICT. This is because ICT covers many areas of our everyday life. Every time a television or radio is switched on, information is being transmitted and received in our homes or workplace. Every time we open a text message or e-mail we are communicating through technology. 1.1.1 E-commerce Today the Internet can be used for many different reasons. It can be used at home for fun and enjoyment or in schools and workplaces for research purposes. But today it has become the marketplace for on of the fastest growing economies in the world; e-commerce. ...read more.


New technology is starting to be introduced though, that punishes a user that repeatedly tries to send the same 'message'. i.e. if you click on an icon on the screen lots of times in order to try and speed up the process, it is you that will be dropped and disconnected. (Lee, 1999). Today, approximately 88% of the worlds Internet users are in industrialised countries. From this figure it is clear that there is a great digital divide between developed and developing countries. It is in these developing countries that governments are investing in new technology to try and boost their economy. "All types of work can benefit from greater access to information, for example, the illiterate farmer can sell his produce in new markets which he has accessed via the Internet." (Business Times, 2001). There are a few problems with this though; firstly there is the cost and the availability of telecommunications. To overcome this, new wireless technology would have to be implemented to save on the cost of more expensive fixed-wire systems. The other problem though is the degree by which governments would want to control Internet access. This is due to political and civic freedoms. (Business Times, 2001). 1.2.2 The Future of Spam There are many ways of filtering out spam. ...read more.


This is why email-screening systems have been employed by managers. Advantages * Spam filters save the company money by shortening time spent opening emails each day. * Spam filters also detect any viruses that emails are carrying. * Email screening allows management to monitor what their staff are doing and can stop any potentially harmful emails being circulated. Disadvantages * Businesses must constantly try to upgrade their filtering systems to prevent new dangerous emails being sent. * Filtering emails may result in important messages being lost or going unread. * Screening may cause tension between employers and their workforce as it may be seen as a lack of privacy. As most of BA's work involves using computers and emails each day, it is important that these measures are taken into consideration. Otherwise any of the above points may cost the company money. Conclusion In conclusion, it is apparent that the future of ICT is advancing quickly. With new technology being developed each day to speed up and enhance the quality of information communications, the next few years should reveal some exciting new breakthroughs. Whether it be simply speeding up Internet connections, or getting more people logged on, the future is defiantly bright. As regards to BA, with the world still shocked by 9/11, their market is currently still recovering. With BA needing to save money elsewhere in order to reduce losses, developments in ICT can defiantly help with this. ...read more.

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