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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 1120

Research into the cost of hardware and software for my system

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A02- Finding Prices A02- Finding Prices A02- Finding Prices A02- Finding Prices A02 - Finding Prices A02 - Finding Prices A02- Finding Prices A02- Presenting Quotes Quote #1: Quote #2: Item Item Details Item Price Item Details Item Price Desktop PC Median Akoya E4179-D, 4GB Ram, 3.2 GHz. See page 1 for more detail. It costs �579.63 with a bundle, without the bundle it costs �429.99 HP pavilion Elite HPE-350uk, Core i5 650 3.2GHz. Look at page 2 for more details. �781.45 Monitor HP WS232AA 23" Widescreen LED Backlit Monitor. Look at page 2 for more details. �173.60 LG Electronics LG 22" LED 5ms HD Black LCD TFT. Look at page 3 for more details. �121.18 Movie making Software Adobe Photoshop elements and Premiere elements. Look at page 3 for more details. �93 Corel Digital Studio 2010 (PC CD). Look at page 4 for more information. �39.99 Publication software Comes With bundle of Desktop Pc. For more information look at page 1 �579.63 for Microsoft office and other accessories Microsoft Office 2007 Professional Edition (PC). ...read more.


Quote #2 compared to Quote #1, is much better because the desktop pc in quote 1 is �429.99, it only has a 4GB ram and a 3.2GHz processor (i3).Both of these computers have a 1.5TB hard drive but the computer in Quote #1 comes with a bundle for only �580. Although Quote #1 comes with a bundle I am still going to chose quote #2 because the overall features have more functions than the other computer for example it has a 6GB RAM and the other quote only has a 4GB RAM. * For the monitor I am going to recommend Quote #2 because the size is only 1" smaller than the monitor in Quote #1 and it is �52 cheaper. They are both fully HD (1080p) and there is still such a big price different. So that is why I recommend John buys the monitor in quote #2. * The movie making software that I am going to choose is the one in Quote #1 because it includes two programs (Adobe Photoshop elements and Adobe Premiere elements), the program in Quote #2 (Corel Digital studio) ...read more.


Overall the quality of the one in quote #1 looks better so I am going to decide to recommend the headphones in Quote #1, even though they are more expensive, they are worth the money. * I am going to recommend that John buys the webcam in quote 1 because it has 720p HD recording compared to the other quote which has a 2 megapixel camera. The webcam in quote 1 is better quality and slightly cheaper. * I recommend that john buys the memory stick in quote 2 because it has more memory and it is only �8. The memory stick in quote 1comes with the bundle which I am not going to recommend john buys. * The music making software in quote #1 is the one that I recommend because overall it offers more features and is much cheaper. * I am going to recommend to John that he uses Norton Antivirus (Quote 2) because it is �10 cheaper and it lasts forever compared to Kapersky which expires after 1 year. ?? ?? ?? ?? A02 Page 1 ...read more.

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