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Reviewing Animation - Unit 20 OCR

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Unit 20 AO1 Web animation review TITLE 'BECEL' 1 Source http://www.nexuslondon.com/main.html > Latest > Scroll bar to 'BECEL'. URL Date accessed: 8th December 2008 Still from the animation 2 Length 04:09 3 Purpose/aim To advertise Besel Pro-active as a good blood-sugar lowering product. 4 Type of animation Flash. 5 Type of audio (if any) and how it meets the purpose or not A young fluent man with a clear voice. Other incomprehensible sounds from the background which are (supposedly) emphasising the match between salt and pro-active. 6 Storyline A woman places Besel pro-active on a utensil board, there is soon a gathering between all kitchen foods and utensils. The 'salt' approaches and goes on the utensil board, and assigns a fight. ...read more.


Point is forwarded by the fact that the salt, by its moves, (the animator made it look like it had legs!), seems aggressive whilst 'BESEL' seems brave and strong. The battle is soon over as, by one flip from BESEL, the salt falls. One could interpret this scene as what happens inside the body when BESEL is there. The way the timing is slowed when the salt falls is dramatic. The animation is more focused on BECEL and the background is just cleverly repeated in the background. 11 Worst features One is slightly unsure of what is happening to start with - it seems like a silly portrayal of something as serious as blood pressure. I.e., one may not stop to watch the advert if they were flipping channels/may not pay attention to it. ...read more.


c. There are two products; BACEL liquid and BACEL margarine - only one had been shown. d. A little exaggerated and the mood is eerie to start off with. Some viewers just want a straightforward, rather than a humorous, portrayal of the product's specifications. CONTINUE ON NEXT PAGE ... Use the information you have recorded above to compile a paragraph reviewing the animation. Do you think the animation is successful or not? Has the aim of the animation been met? How was this achieved? What possible improvements would you suggest? ? The animation can be seen as successful in meeting its purpose because the main idea, that BACEL lowers salt levels, is communicated, even if it seemed a little subtle. The animation could have been improved in the above ways. ?? ?? ?? ?? OCR Level 2 National Certificate in Information Technology Unit 20 Creating an animation for the WWW using ICT (c) Serif Europe AO1 ...read more.

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