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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 4462

Reviewing different multimedia presentations.

Extracts from this document...


Task 1 Review 2 Type of multimedia product: Information Multimedia Presentation Website address (URL) or other product details: CD Rom Name of organisation/product: Cars.com (interactive car). 1. Good features of the multimedia product: To begin with, a good feature which is visible instantly of the Multimedia Presentation is the components of the car, the car components are clearly shown in relation to the position that they are in the car. This feature is very effective as it is effortless to distinguish what car parts are positioned where in the car, so ultimately it is very straightforward. Another good quality aspect of the Multimedia Presentation is that when you click on the different sections of the car it instantly transfers into a secondary screen with the specific parts of that section of the car. For example when you click the braking section, the next screen it brings up an image of the brake disc and the brake drum. This is a good feature because it gives you a more in depth view of the specific parts of the car which shows more information. The final good feature of the Multimedia Presentation is the sound played when you click on one of the screens. This is a good feature because it makes the Multimedia Presentation much more interesting by adding a different way to keep you interested in the Multimedia Presentation. 2. Not so good features of the multimedia product: There are numerous features in the multimedia presentation which are ineffective; one aspect is when you click on the specific component of the car, the secondary slide will transfer but you do not receive any information on that fragment. The second feature which is undesirable is the sound effect; I did say earlier that this was an addition which is effective, however the quality of the sound effect is poor and in fact irritating and it buzzes every time you press something. ...read more.


What happened when you did this? What happen when I was going through the Multimedia Presentation was that the information I wanted was coming up when I wanted it with no haste which is a sign of a Multimedia Presentation which has been well done. How easy was it to understand what you had to do? With this Multimedia Presentation it was very easy to work out what to do as it was a basic click on the section that you want to look through and there may have been sub section on the right hand side of the page for people to click on. How effective was the interactivity? This Multimedia Presentation is not very interactive at all as all it is doing is making you click to a section and read through but that's all there is. ELEMENT: YOUR COMMENTS: Use of images in the product In this product there is no use of images in this Multimedia Presentation apart from the little graphic on the left had side when you hover your mouse over the top titles. What this does is make this Multimedia Presentation incredibly boring. Colour used in the product With this Multimedia Presentation it quite a boring colour scheme as it is just pain blue with different shades of it around. It has the writing in white which is quite good because it makes it stand out from the background of blue. Also when you hover the mouse over the titles at the top they change colour to yellow which makes them stand out. The amount of text and other information What I have found is that there is lots of writing in all section which makes the Multimedia Presentation very good at telling me what there company is about. There is the problem that they have no writing in the headquarters section and the portfolio section so the Multimedia Presentation is not complete. ...read more.


Use of animation and/or video There is lots of animation in this Multimedia Presentation as the whole thing revolves around the animations of the body parts and putting them in the animation of the body, so they use animation well in this Multimedia Presentation. There is no video in this Multimedia Presentation which could be put against it but as there is so much animation I think there is no need for videos. Navigation The navigation on this Multimedia Presentation is very good apart from the fact of getting the rotation and the position right in where they have to go in relation of the body. Apart from that there are no navigation problems with the Multimedia Presentation. 5. Improvements to the multimedia website/product to help meet the product's aims. What I will say to begin with is that this Multimedia Presentation is very good and it is very hard to find improvements but there are a few minor improvements. The first improvement that should be made to this Multimedia Presentation is that there should be some sound or music in the Multimedia Presentation as without this they might not be meeting there aim of making it fun as know one likes to do something that's meant to be fun in silence. Secondly there is the issue that some of the links don't work so the improvement is that they get all the link to work as if there are links that don't work then you are making the Multimedia Presentation seem unfinished which is something that know one wants in there products. The final improvement that needs to be made is that they make it easier to find the correct rotation for the body parts when you are placing them as it can become very frustrating that you cant find where the body parts have to go, this then might lead to people not spending much time on it so it wont really educate them. ?? ?? ?? ?? Adam Lloyd ...read more.

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