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River ching sports centre report on their use of ICT

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River ching sports centre report The River Ching Sports Centre is a new Sports Centre in Waltham Forest. It is an organisation that uses I.C.T, which consists of five departments; 1>Marketing 2>ICT 3>Finance 4>Administration 5>Human Resource (1) Marketing Department This is the department where it is uses ICT for advertisement. Hardware; The marketing Department deals with only one computer. A vital part of ICT is for computers to send data to the computers, peripherals and control devices. There are a number of ways in which this data can travel, which is through the Input and Output devices. Input The need to capture data quickly and accurately has led to wide range of input devices. These input devices make use of human touch, light magnetism, sound and control sensors. Each type of input device has been designed for a specific purpose. An input device would include devices such as the; . Keyboard, which is the most common way of entering data into a computer. Each key is connected to a switch, which closes when the key is pressed. This sends a signal to the CPU based on the character's ASCII code. In comparison with other input devices, entering data using a keyboard is quite slow, even for touch-typists who have learnt to type using all their fingers and thumbs without needing to look at the keyboard. Another input device would include the; . Mouse. Most people find using a mouse easy. The pointer on the monitor screen mirrors the movement of the mouse by the users hand. Under the mouse is a ball which rolls as them mouse, one shaft records the movement in the north-south direction and other shaft records the east-west movement. There are usually two r three buttons. When the cursor is over an icon, menu item, or the edge of a picture, the mouse buttons can be clicked or double clicked. The button also can be held down to drag something across flat surface. Thirdly, another device would include; . ...read more.


If there are too many words for a page in word processor, it will normally create a new page automatically-however the DTP software will usually just not display the text. A DTP also has pages, which are built up as series of frames -text frames containing text, graphics frames containing images and so on. It's the Frames that really make the DTP software more powerful than a word processor for some tasks. Word-processing Software Package A Word processor can be used to write letters, reports, essays, projects, memos, curriculum Vitae, theses- in fact, any form of written. Word Processing actually does more than he name says. A Word processor is a one of the other best packages the marketing department uses, as it includes four benefits such as written documents and documents produced using a typewrite share the same problem-once created they cant easily be altered. Word processors changed all that, and other things too... as text can processed easily, appearance can be changed (text formatting) and content can be changed too (text editing). The text can be saved and reused, also professional -looking documents can created as you can improve the appearance of document with graphics and text formatting. This sort of package is very useful for the marketing department nevertheless there are more advanced features in word-processing, which include; >Headers and footers, (good for multi-page documents) >Search and replace (enables you to find specifies words etc.) >Spell/Grammar-Checking (help to improve the quality of your written communication) >Mail merge (lets you send personalised letters combining standard letters) >Templates (often used for business documents)-*very good for marketing >Macros (to run routine operations-sequence of commands-much faster and easier) > Import (import information from other applications) Graphics Software Package You could draw simple images using a word processor, but for exceedingly looking results, you need to use graphics software. There are different types of images and how they can be created. ...read more.


The ICT DEPARTMENT, use colour laser printers. . Colour Laser Printers - are called page printers, because the data to be printed is sent to the printer in complete pages-one page at a time. They work on the same principle as photocopiers. Lasers are very quite printers and give high quality print, which is also an advantage in the marketing department. The majority of laser printers are sold black and white, however colour laser printers are falling in price and becoming much more popular. This type of Printer helps the RiverChing Sports centre to communicate and function properly as it enables you to print out work of colour for better perceptive, or even just for simple reasons. SOFTWARE; The ICT department has all software's that all other departments include, such as . Desktop Publishing Software package (DTP) . Word-processing Software Package Graphics Software Package . Browser Software Package . Web Authoring Software Package . Spreadsheets . Database Publishing They all operate utilities, such as print manager, and virus-scanning software. (3) Finance Department This is the department where it uses ICT, for buying equipment, and sorting out wages, and receipts. Hardware; The hardware department only has one computer, which deals with all financial issues. Input; An input device is any hardware, which is used to enter data into the computer system. An input device would include devices such as the Keyboard, which is the most common way of entering data into a computer. Another input device would include the Mouse, scanners, an OCR, OMR, Video Digitiser, Speech or voice input, MIDI, and lastly LDRs. A storage device retains its contents when the computer is switched off and is used to hold programs and data. All computers have some form of hard storage. The Finance department uses the b storage (also known as the secondary storage), which is any data-storage area outside the CPU. Administration This is the department where it uses ICT, for the Receptionist, also dealing with photocopying and even filing. Human Resource This is the department where it uses ICT for personal recruitment and training , health and safety and lastly pensions. ...read more.

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