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S.W.O.T Analysis of an Internet caf (Mecca) on Melton Road

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S.W.O.T Analysis of an Internet caf� (Mecca) on Melton Road Strengths: * Belgrave area in which disposable incomes are moderate to high. * Situates near the "Golden Mile" which is the heart of the Belgrave community. There are also a primary and a secondary school near by. * Proposed premises are situated near bus stops and a busy shopping area throughout the week which will mean easy access to the general public in the area. ...read more.


Weaknesses: * The exterior design of there location is not breath taking and therefore does not attract many customers throughout the day. * Limited parking space available (parking has to be done in the side streets which could become a problem such as congestion). * It offers limited amounts of internet access as other space is used for national/international calls. ...read more.


* If market domination is established there is and opportunity to expand the range of services to include new and efficient technology. Threats: * The main threat comes from current competitors who may also aim to slash prices, if this is the case; the internet caf� may have to look at product differentiation. * The other threat comes for competitors as they can offer more technological facilities which could drive the business into bankruptcy problems, as profits may decline. ...read more.

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