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Safe use of ICT in a Business environment (OCR Nationals Unit 1 Skills for Business Task 1)

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Safe use of ICT in a Business environment Protecting Health * Make sure all employees' adopt the correct posture and have an adequate lower back support. This reduces the risk of tension strain headaches and musculoskeletal problems like neck pain, Chronic back pain and upper limb disorders such as Repetitive Strain Injury. - Repetitive Strain Injury can be stopped by using a wrist support along with an ergonomic keyboard, and keeping forearm's horizontal. * Make sure all employees' take regular breaks from their computers. This reduces the danger of eye strain, headaches and discomfort. - This can be reduced by making sure eyes are level with the monitor and making sure there is good background lighting and a monitor filter to reduce glare. ...read more.


trailing cables. This can reduce the danger of employees' tripping and harming themselves. - This can be reduced by taping cables to the wall or keeping wires in wire surrounds on the wall. * Make sure the electrical safety is upheld, e.g. electric checks (PAT), no water by the machines, not overloading sockets. This can reduce the danger of being electrocuted by the computers. - This can be reduced by making sure the company has regular electric checks, make sure no employees' take water near the machines, and make sure the sockets are not * Make sure there is safety equipment to avoid machinery falling. This can reduce the danger of employees' getting hurt by falling equipment. ...read more.


Protecting files from unauthorised access Passwords * Passwords to open files. - This makes sure that no-one that is not authorised can open files. * Passwords to Modify documents/files. - This makes sure that no-one that is not authorised can modify files. * Passwords to protect the contents of the Documents. - This makes sure that no-one can delete all the contents of documents, or steal all the contents. * Choose a STRONG Password - Choosing a strong password is essential. If a weak password is chosen, then there is next-to-no point having a password because it can be easily hacked. Use numbers, uppercase letters, mixed with lowercase letters, and mixed with symbols. This will make your password strong, and VERY hard to crack! ?? ?? ?? ?? OCR Nationals Unit 1 ICT Skills for Business Task 1 ...read more.

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