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Safe working pratices when using ICT in a business environment

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´╗┐Safe working practices when using ICT in a business environment Measures to protect health Poor health can result in inefficiency in work so it is important to be as healthy as possible while in a business environment. There are several measures you could take to ensure that your health is protected when in a business environment. Measures such as: 1. Taking regular breaks 2. Using ergonomic equipment 3. Having proper posture and positioning 4. Taking care of your eyes Taking regular breaks: You can harm your eyes and get repetitive strain injury if you continuously do the same work. To avert this take regular five minute breaks for example, walk around, stretch your arms and legs and exercise you fingers and hands to help reduce health risks. This will stop repetitive strain disorder which can happen when using the same muscle repetitively. It will moreover help your eyes and keep them healthy. Using ergonomic equipment: Aches and pains can be suffered as a result of nothing using the right equipment suitable to the office place. Chairs are a good example of this; they may be the wrong height for the user and be positioned in ways that do not support the user when they are sitting upright and facing forward. ...read more.


Firstly, while working you should regularly save your work meaning if there is an unforeseen incident and the computer crashes not all your files will be lost. There are other ways to back up files such as USB Flash Drives, Floppy Disks, CD/DVD Writers, External hard drives and ZIP Drives. The most commonly used is USB Flash Drives, otherwise known as memory sticks, and it?s easy to see why. USB flash drives provide a fast and easy way to back up your files with their low cost and storage capabilities, they are therefore a good choice to back up your files and protect them from loss. It is also advised to back up your documents on an external drive just in case there is a malfunction in your machine and the computer hard drive is wiped. Your files will therefore not get lost as you can upload them again later on, on a different PC or your own. It is wise to back up once a month or thereabouts, and ensure the back-up device is kept in a dry and secure place. Organising Files: A very likely danger is that you might not be able to find a file that was created before. To reduce the chance of this happening you should keep your files organized in a folder structure. ...read more.


3. Make sure it is easy to remember so you don?t have to write it down. 4. Make sure it is six to eight letters long. 5. Make sure you can type it quickly so people can?t look over your shoulder. For reference, a password like StarBoyFreddy would not make a good password, because although it consists of both upper and lower case letters, it is a nickname and fairly easy to guess if someone were to try. Furthermore, it is too long and would take a while to type. A good password would be something like Dref@919, it contains a balance of upper and lower case letters, numbers and a symbol. It is easy to remember as it is Fred backwards, then @, then simply 919 and at eight letters, it would be fairly quick to type. Type password here after clicking Encrypt with Password ? Click the File button and then click Save As. ? On the bottom of the Save As dialog box, click Tools . ? On the Tools menu, click General Options. ? When the General Options dialog opens type a password in the Password to modify box. ? Check the read-only option. ? Click OK then in the Confirm Password dialog, re-enter the password and click OK again. ? Click Save. Going to review and clicking Restrict Editing also restricts the ability for someone to modify the document. By Joachim Maiye ...read more.

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