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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 7662

Sales Promotion and Advertising Plan for the Web site www.sniegaklubs.lv.

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Sales Promotion and Advertising Plan for the Web site www.sniegaklubs.lv prepared by: Girts Gansons Janis Briedis Jurgis Ozolinsh Mareks Veinbergs Riga 2001 Executive Summary Sniegaklubs (Snow Club) is a group of energetic and open-minded people, which has joined in this public organization with the mission to promote active and healthy lifestyle, with emphasis on snowboarding. Sniegaklubs was founded in December 1999 and launched its Web site in January 2000. In the season of 2000/2001 Sniegaklubs have grown to very dynamic, active, and interactive Web site with comparatively high traffic and lot of useful and funny information about snowboarding, hills in Latvia, and mountains abroad. In the future Sniegaklubs wants to grow as a full service Web site for the Baltic snowboarding society with three main sections: * Information/experience/interactivity/fun * Business/service/shopping * Snowboarding around the world/Tours and events abroad Sniegaklubs mission is to be on the Web to help, assist, and entertain anybody who is interested in active lifestyle and especially in snowboarding. We are eager to provide our dear members, visitors, and customers with as much interactive snowboarding-related information as they are willing to acquire. Besides the information Sniegaklubs is willing to offer people full service, assistance, and help in snowboard equipment rental and/or purchasing process, snowboarding events attendance, and snowboarding tours anywhere in the world. The main and basically only competitor of Sniegaklubs in Latvia is www.VertikaleX.lv, which is functioning similarly providing different information about snow events and possibilities; however their emphasis is more to alpine side, which is alpine skiing, alpine snowboarding, climbing etc. The target market of www.sniegaklubs.lv is anybody in age from 8 to 50, and who is able to and interested in snowboarding. Our primary target market is people 16-26 both men and women, but with bigger emphasis on men, they or their families income is medium to high and they like active lifestyle. The secondary target market would be "Generation Y", which is 11-16 year old teenagers that want to be cool among their peers, and that ...read more.


High publicity throughout the year has made www.sniegalubs.lv popular in Latvia, and we are planning to use this practice in Estonia and Lithuania as well. Besides that the very high percentage of new hosts come to the Web page due to very good word-of-mouth distribution about Sniegaklubs. This again reinforces the fact that we have to be stylish, attractive, customer friendly, and special, so our target audience just talks about us quite a lot in their daily chatting. 2.7.2. Communication Objectives * To create the awareness of Sniegaklubs Web site to 70% of Internet users in Latvia and 40% in Estonia and Lithuania. * To create the awareness of Sniegaklubs Web site to 95% of current snowboarders in Latvia and 75% in Estonia and Lithuania. * To create the awareness of Sniegaklubs Web site to 50% of our target market in Latvia and 30% in Estonia and Lithuania. * Strengthen Sniegaklubs brand in Latvia and establish Lumeklubi and Sniegoklubas brands in Lithuania and Estonia. There has not been done marketing research at this point, and we understand that it would be more than necessary, unfortunately there are just not enough human and financial resources to do it now; however we assume that current awareness is at the level of about 40% of Latvian Internet users, which basically means that it can be set as a target for the first year operation in Estonia and Lithuania. For the second year of operation in Latvia we set 70% level of awareness. The split of three different categories in communication objectives is done because there are still quite many people without the access to Internet, but with suitable lifestyle to Sniegaklubs. There is also established society of snowboarders already, which is most easily to target, but unfortunately not that big yet. That is why very high (respectively 95% and 75%) percentage of awareness is planned among those people. ...read more.


Secondary source of measuring information should be sales volume, number of used Sniegaklubs coupons, attendance of snowboarding events etc., stickers distributed, number of messages per day in mailing list and discussion board. 3. Implementation In the table below there are listed main tasks to accomplish the campaign and attract more people to Sniegaklubs Web site as club itself. The planned deadline for launching upgraded Web site and starting marketing and sales promotion activities is September 1, 2001. Table 3. Implementation Milestones. Task Start date End date Production of promotional items and presents 01.04.01 27.08.01 Designing promotional items 01.04.01 01.07.01 Designing presents 01.04.01 01.07.01 Searching/choosing manufactures 01.07.01 01.08.01 Manufacturing items 01.08.01 27.08.01 Looking for companies, which are interested to put advertising on the Web site 01.04.01 31.08.01 Getting business partners for the Web site 01.04.01 13.08.01 Revising exiting partnership with stores, travel agencies etc. 01.04.01 01.05.01 Searching for the partners and negotiations 01.04.01 06.08.01 Signing partnership agreements 01.07.01 13.08.01 Web site development 01.04.01 31.08.01 Revising technical design of the Web site structure and used technology 30.07.01 Preparing texts for the Web site 01.04.01 30.07.01 Translation of the texts for Web sites to Lithuanian, Estonian, Russian 30.07.01 19.08.01 Preparing translated Web sites 20.08.01 26.08.01 Upgraded Web site operation testing 27.08.01 31.08.01 Launch upgraded Web site 03.09.01 Launch of Advertising campaign 03.09.01 Press release sent to newspapers and Internet media about the Web site launch 03.09.01 Preparing for snowboard event #1 01.11.01 30.11.01 Press release about event #1 and following campaign with coupons 27.11.01 Snowboard event #1 01.12.01 02.12.01 Campaign with coupons (discounts on snowboards) 03.12.01 16.12.01 Preparing for snowboard event #2 04.12.01 04.01.02 Press release about event #2 and following campaign with coupons 02.01.02 Snowboard event #2 05.01.02 06.01.02 Campaign with coupons (discount on snowboard boots) 07.01.02 20.01.02 Preparing for Snowboard event #3 09.01.02 15.02.02 Press release about event #3 and following campaign with coupons 12.02.02 Snowboard event #3 16.02.02 17.02.02 Campaign with coupons (discount on snowboard accessories) 18.02.02 24.02.02 1 ...read more.

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