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Setting up a database in microsoft access.

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Implementation Setting up the Structure - To set up the database I went into Microsoft Access and clicked on 'Blank Database' then 'OK'. A window then appeared called 'File New Database.' I typed in the name that I wanted to call my database, which was - 'amandarestellacademy'. I then selected 'Create'. A window then appeared with the name of the database, with many tabs on it. I selected the 'Table' index and then clicked 'New'. I then selected 'Design View' and 'OK'. I then entered in my information (field titles) in the structure table that appeared. I changed the field properties according to my design. I had to change properties such as - field size, format, decimal places. As evidence of this I have done screen prints. I made sure that I saved my work regularly throughout. Data Capture Form - I had to collect all of the information I needed to put in this database with a sensible method. For this I created a data capture form. This consisted of, going into Microsoft Word and creating a table by selecting 'Table', 'Insert Table' and choosing how many columns and rows I needed. ...read more.


I then clicked 'Open' and my query appeared in design view. To display the results from this query I had to click the 'data sheet view' button in the top left of the screen. In the design view I could also chose which results in which fields I wanted. In the 'Show' row I could tick and untick which fields I wanted to show or not to show. The fields that I did tick were displayed in the table in the datasheet view, and the ones I did not tick, did not appear in the table. Producing Reports - To create a report I had to go into the 'Report' tab and click 'New'. I think had to select 'Report Wizard' and from the drop down box at the bottom right I had to select the query that I wanted to show as a report. I then clicked 'Ok'. I had to move all of the fields that I wanted to be displayed in the report from the 'available fields' column to the 'selected fields' column, using the single arrow in the centre of the two columns. ...read more.


I then selected the table from where the data I wanted the graph to be created from. In 'Chart Wizard' I selected the field from the database that I wanted to draw the graph on by using the single arrow. I then clicked 'Next'. I could then chose a suitable type of graph for example, column graph, bar graph, pie chart, scatter graph, line graph etc. After decided this I could then look at the layout of my graph to make sure that it looked ok. I then clicked 'Next'. I gave the graph a title and chose whether it had a legend or a key. I had then finished my graph. I could not see my actual graph in design view, only a model template appears and the 'Headers and Footers' section. Producing Queries - To create a query I went into the 'Query' tab and clicked on 'New', I then selected 'Design View' and clicked 'OK'. I then had to 'Add' a table of the whole database. I then moved all of the field titles from the small added table into the field headings underneath. I could then type in my criteria in the different fields to get results to my queries. Project 1b Implementation Charlotte Body 11J 30/04/2007 Mr. Webster ...read more.

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