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Shopping & ICT

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´╗┐Ines Chan 12ASDICT PJH Shopping What is shopping? Shopping is a movement of people going into shops to buy goods or services. Nowadays, technology is getting better and there is not the only one way to shop in the world. People now either choose to shop by foot or to shop online. But, actually, does technology really important to shopping? How is information community technology used in shopping? In this 21st century, there are so many online shopping websites. Even old shops have a website now, for people to buy goods online. As technology is improving now, people do more online shopping instead of going to the shop by foot. This shows how the ICT has affected shopping. First of all, there are also lots of pros and cons for doing online shopping and real shopping. To shop online, we just need a simple ?click?, to access everything we need. We can do shopping when we are working at the same time. All the products are shown on the screen, rather than turning your head around and finding for what you need in the shop. ...read more.


And that?s easier and you browse everything. On the other hand, if you choose to shop in an ordinary way, you will get to know more about the product?s details. For example, to see the actual size of the product. Sometimes you just can?t tell, you can?t imagine how big or how the colour of that product is by looking at the picture. You need to see the real thing, to decide if you are buying this item or not. You get more accurate details. Some shops like to sell a new item only in the shop but not on the online website, that is one of things what it worth to go to the shop by foot. But you can get your goods immediately right after your purchase. And then, cons about online shopping and ordinary shopping. For online shopping, obviously, we always need to put in our credit card?s number, in order to bill our charge. On some sites, once you used that credit card to bill your item, the number is saved in your account on the website. ...read more.


For example, if you do online shopping, you may be doing many things at the same time. You may be working and shopping at the same time. You can?t do this if you shop in an ordinary way. If you have any complaints, you can return/refund or replace the item, for about a month (the longest). If you buy a lot in the shop, you may not able to manage all the stuff you have bought. (If you don?t have a car, it would be a trouble.) This is how not easy if you do real shopping. All in all, online shopping is what people prefer to do nowadays (instead of real shopping). This is all easier, faster and more efficient. You have a laptop or computer, that?s everything. Internet is everything. You don?t need to worry about how you get there, and how you carry all the stuff you have bought. I am sure shopping is already combined with internet; many people still do ordinary shopping, so online shopping. This will still be used in the future for sure; efficiency is what now people like. This is how ICT used in shopping nowadays. ...read more.

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