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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 14245

SK-II has already established as a leading brand within its' skin-care industry. By empowering SK-II on the Internet forefront can boost not only its' sales figures, but also its' E-Brand, Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction and Community

Extracts from this document...


COMP5006 Web Advertising and Web Publishing GROUP PROJECT: Research Company SK-II Table of Contents 1. INTRODUCTION 3 1.1 Research Company: One of the World-Leading Cosmetics Brand 3 1.2 Background information: Cosmetics industry in Hong Kong and PRC 4 2. OBJECTIVE & METHODOLOGY 4 2.1 Web Presence Objective/ Goals 5 2.2 Methodology 5 3. COMPANY BACKGROUND 6 3.1 Maxfactor Background 6 3.2 SK-II Background 6 3.3 Product Information and Target 6 4. EXISTING PROMOTION STRATEGY (WEB-BASED) 8 4.1 Sales Generation Channel: 8 4.2 Community Development: 9 4.3 Brand Development: 10 4.4 Products Information (Content): 11 5. EXISTING PROMOTION PROBLEM 12 5.1 Lack of Attractiveness: 12 5.2 Lack of customer-focused community and content / Education 12 5.3 Lack of Personalization 12 5.4 Lack of creative Sales generation methods and Inflexible pricing strategy 13 5.5 Problems with traditional banner advertisements for SK-II 13 6. SUGGESTED IMPROVEMENT 14 6.1 Personalized Marketing by means of CRM 14 6.1.1 To keep the best customers, SK-II management should concentrate on these strategies 14 6.1.2 The three phases of CRM that SK-II should adopt 14 6.1.3 CRM requirements for SK-II 14 6.1.4 Graphical description of SK-II CRM Architecture 15 6.1.5 Proposed marketing framework for SK-II 16 6.1.6 The SK-II Triangle 21 6.2 Dynamic Pricing: As contrasted to the fixed pricing strategy 23 6.2.1 Online Marketing Incentive Program 23 6.2.2 Haggling Pricing strategy 24 6.3 Make use of Distributed Selling Strategies 24 6.3.1 Affiliate Marketing 24 6.3.2 Building Affiliates 25 6.3.3 Managing Affiliates 25 6.3.4 Supporting Affiliates 26 6.3.5 How to build an affiliate partnership with SK-II 26 6.3.6 Estimated income from affiliate programs 28 6.4 Create Content and Community: 29 6.4.1 Provide Rich Content Information: 29 6.4.2 Partner with net-based training companies to provide cosmetic training to net surfers 29 6.4.3 Rich Content can generate more sales reference cases 29 6.5 Miscellaneous Marketing Techniques: 29 6.6 Mid-Term Advertising Strategy: Wireless Advertising 30 7. ...read more.


Vstore provides the products, design, marketing tools and technology - all for free and they do all the fulfillment and customer service. SK-II can make sales from it's site by joining an online merchant's affiliate program and sell their products or services without having to build warehouses, handle inventory, enter the order-fulfillment business, or do customer service. 6.3.5 How to build an affiliate partnership with SK-II 1. Interesting parties need to register the affiliate program on www.sk2.com. 2. They must fill in the contact information and payee account details such as domain name, business registration no. and payment methods etc. 3. Every partners need to create individual products or homepage links on their websites. 3.1 Product link sample Buy it at SK2.com 3.2 Homepage link Sample 1 Sample 2 Sample 3 After building the links, each time a visitor clicks from affiliate partner site to sk2.com to purchase items, affiliate partners will earn generous referral fees or credits. And SK2 will responsible for the entire shopping experience: fulfillment, customer service, and consultation. All partners can track the sales generated from their site 4. Partners can check earnings and traffic reports online anytime. Partners can monitor their store's activity through our online reporting feature and can check earnings and traffic reports at any time. Sample from Amazon.com 5. SK2 will provide insightful product information and online support on our site that will help visitors make the right purchasing decisions. We also post customer reviews and comments on our newsletters and community page to make visitors understand more about our products and services. The more satisfied visitors are with the quality of product information we offer, the more likely they are to purchase through your links. 6.3.6 Estimated income from affiliate programs The money being generated by the Internet affiliate programs is staggering, and experts point out that it will only grow even more dramatically in the next five years : "By 2002, 25% of the expected US$3.5 billion in the Internet retail sales, not including autos, will have originated on affiliate sites." ...read more.


We pledge to meet fully, and where possible exceed, internationally recognizable standards of personal data privacy protection, in complying with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Chapter 486 of the Laws of Hong Kong). In doing so, we will ensure compliance by our staff with the strictest standards of security and confidentiality. What information do we collect, and how do we use it ? We collect information about you in order to provide you with personalized information that we believe you will find valuable. We also use this information to streamline your shopping experience at our site. We use cookies in order to improve your shopping experience when you visit sasa.com. Cookies are small pieces of information that your web browser stores on your computer when you visit a website. Our cookies let us personalize your visits to sasa.com and recognize you when you return. We use the information collected to help us to add products and services to sasa.com which may be more relevant to your interests. Most browsers automatically accept cookies. You can disable cookies on your computer by indicating this in the preferences or options menus in your browser. If you disable cookies, you will not be able to shop at sasa.com but will still be able to visit selected areas of the site. Membership information Sasa.com members enjoy many privileges, including newsletters, participation in special sasa.comoffers and promotions and streamline shopping. Over time we will be expanding membership benefits to include personalized services on the site and possibly free product samples and other special benefits. When you join sasa.com, we need to know your name, email and mailing addresses, and we request that you complete the profile survey in order to allow us to serve you better. Ordering information When you place an order with sasa.com you will be asked to provide details such as credit card number and shipping address. This allows us to process and fulfill your order and to notify you of your order status. ...read more.

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