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Social, Moral and Economical Effects of ICT. How different businesses use ICT.

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Social, Moral and Economical Effects of ICT ICT used in travel ICT can be used in travel and below are some examples: Taxis In taxis you can use ICT when the person communicates with the taxis place telling him what's his next job, they do this by radios. Another thing is that they use sat navs to show where there going or find the place there looking for. Bus In buses you can use ICT by when the customer comes and gives the fees for his/her ticket the machine prints out the recite. Also they use CCTV cameras to check on the customers if there doing anything suspicions. Train In trains ICT is used by when they need to print out the tickets for the passengers and also they have detectors to see if any passenger is carrying with them anything illegal. It is also used to direct the driver of the train. Planes In planes ICT is used to navigate the pilots where they are and where they need to go. It is also used so that the pilot can communicate with the traffic controller to see if there is any bad weather or something that will disturb the plane whilst in flight. Travel agents In travel agencies ICT is used for database so they can organize their customer's information. It is also used for making there letterheads and user guides. ...read more.


Also employees lose their jobs due to it because they're not qualified or suitable for the job. The changes that are made in travel services due to ICT is that their business speeds up and its fastest service. The travel agency has changed with the database that I made them by making them faster at their jobs because before when the customer phoned in. the employee had to make the customer wait whilst they searched for the files of the customer, but now all they have to do is type in the customer's name at all the information will appear. The job role and specification have changed with your system by making the service faster and satisfying the customer, it also looks really professional with the letters that they send the customers to inform them what they need to know. Health and safety Some of the legal obligations on employers for workers using computers are the injury that is a concern. The injuries are listed below. Injuries The way it happens Ways of prevention Backaches You in the same position on the computer for too long. Get a back rest chair. Eyestrains Looking at the computer for too long. Have a rest for a while every here and then or reduce the brightness. Neck pains Keeping the neck in the same position for too long. Have a rest for a while every here and then. Wrist pains Typing on the keyboard or using the mouse. ...read more.


The effect it will have is that the work will go forever and the way to prevent it is to make sure that your data has a backup, a password and kept safely. Disadvantages of the Internet Advantages of the internet You could get viruses if you go on the wrong websites. You can do research on it. Sometimes bad pop ups come up. You can advertise your company on it. If you have too much history then the internet gets slow. You can search for what you're looking for. Difference between my system and a commercial system The system that real organisations would use is either they would go to an ICT company that is professional at the job and give them the detail on how they would want the company's website to be like or they will get a different software other than Microsoft publisher from any computer shop such as pc world and do it from that software. The system I used and the system that real companies use has a lot of differences between them such as their product that comes out is more professional than my and they will have much better effects on their system. Also they will have better facilities than mine to make their product and that's why their product becomes more popular. Understanding social, Economic, legal and moral effects of ICT = 1 Explain difference between the system and a commercial one = 2 Compare and contrast wider working practices = 2 ?? ?? ?? ?? AO4 ...read more.

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