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Software Justification

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Software Justification I have chosen File-Maker Pro to design and construct my system, one of the best database software that's available to us for creating system in this project. The advantage of using this software is that you can setup tables and fields, these fields can also be varying according to the situation and they are: Text, Number, Date, Time, Timestamp, Container and Calculation. Field Types Out of those 7 file types, I won't be using Time and timestamp but the other fields will be hugely important to me. Text: in a Text field, I can enter any data that just simply contain plain words. Example- Player's Name Number: As the name had suggested, it contains fields that has number. Example- Player ID Date: it contain any data that's related to date Example- Date of Birth Container: It contains any media file such as photo. Example - Player's photo Calculation: Any calculation such as multiplying or working out the average. Example- Average rating this season Features of Software Since File-Maker Pro is Database software it allows us to create a database ...read more.


This software is also easy to use, this is important as not all coaches in the school are familiar with database software, they need a system which is comprehensive and easy to access. It also allows excel spreadsheet to be imported into the database. It is very handy since it allows players to create their own record, contain information that are needed for their own profile thus reduce amount of work the coaches have to do when they are filling information into the database. Another advantage of using file maker pro is that you can create scripts and function that could be helpful for the user. These scripts could be created according the creator's knowledge with programming, ranging from simple scripts like spell check and hyperlink to more complicate once like updating itself automatically where or whenever it is needed. I can also create scripts which automatically update itself over time such as changing 'Rating this season' and 'Goal Set up' back to zero every season. ...read more.


Validation - its function is to make sure that data is entered into a field correctly. FileMaker Pro would display a message if you enter data incorrectly. It eliminate chances of human error hence making my system user friendly as it gives kind of idea of what data should've been enter. It can prevent students (players) entering any irrelevant data. Related table & Fields- It allow the data to be link with (same data from) other tables simultaneously which keeps data in its most Up-to-date form. It is useful for fields such as 'goal scored' which are constantly changing and it helps keeping the data more efficiently. Font - In File maker pro, you can change the size, font style and color according to your wish. Which is useful as it can highlight the essential fields in that table as well as making the system looks better and professional. Wizard - File Maker pro has a guide that contains all the information you'll need to fully operate this software. As mentioned above, our coaches aren't really familiar with database software, and a comprehensive guide would be extremely helpful ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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