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Software Report

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Software Report For a computer to work and perform all the tasks we want it to, there are two important sections, the hardware (see my hardware report) and the software, in this report I am going to talk about software. Software is the name given to all of the programmes the individual can run on the computer hardware. There are two types of software, the Operating System (OS), for example, Microsoft Windows or Linux Ubuntu. The other type of software is the Application Software, for example, Cyberlink Power DVD and Microsoft Office. Hardware is used personally by the individual, they actually touch it, whereas with software it is used through the hardware, for instance I am typing now using the keyboard (hardware) and I am getting what I have inputted on Microsoft Word. To design Type a Flight's new system, I needed to use an OS, available to me was Microsoft Windows XP SP2. This operating system controls all the hardware and software I have used throughout creating the new system. The OS also manages my files, controls the hard drive, runs the DVD�R/RW/ROM I have available and any other hardware I plug in via Universal Serial Bus (USB) e.g. ...read more.


and data can be imported from databases or spreadsheets to perform mail merge. Drawbacks: The user needs to have access to a computer with the same sort of word processing package installed, it takes the user time to learn how to use the programme effectively, users can become reliant on word processing software and their handwriting skills will start to deteriorate and finally users can become reliant on spell check and not read through their work thoroughly. Brand Name of Software: Microsoft Office 2007 Name of software: Spreadsheet Description: A spreadsheet is a software application that is made up of rectangular grids that contain information consisting of both numbers and letters; it is used to display information, for example financial. Furthermore a spreadsheet can use formulas to calculate certain values from other values in the table. How was Microsoft Excel used?: Excel was used for processing the booking information of the customers, it calculated how much deposit the customer had to pay and how much they had left to pay etc, it was then used as the source for mail merge when printing the invoice and e-ticket. ...read more.


Publisher only allows for simple modification of images and text. The programme does not use layers or compressed file types. Brand Name of Software: Corel Name of software: Graphics Designer Description: This programme has many features that allow the user to crop, resize, rotate, stretch, flip and mirror the image. As well as bucket fill and paint brush etc. How was Corel Paint Shop Pro X2 used?: Paint shop was used when I was designing the logo for the new Type a Flight computerized stationery. Benefits: The programme gives the user the option to use other hardware for designing their graphic for example a graphics tablet. The user also has the option of saving the graphic to many file formats, the user can save time by using the 'undo' option to erase mistakes. Drawbacks: It requires a computer to use the application, the user will need to understand the different concepts of the programme like cut, crop etc, so much can be done with the graphic that it may be hard for someone inexperienced with a computer to use. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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