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Software used to create a website

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REPORT 3 SOFTWARE USED TO DESIGN THE WEBSITE Software enables the computer to perform specific tasks. There are two main types of software. Generic software is general purpose software such as word processors and spreadsheets, like Microsoft Word and Excel. Specialised packages are sold for specific uses, for example, a program for managing the accounts of a large organisation. These are usually very expensive. I had to use different types of software when creating my website. The main one was the web authoring package. There are many web authoring packages available for use, so I had to research the different ones before I chose which one I wanted to use for my website. ...read more.


expensive if you need it for longer than 30 days, may not display in browsers other than Internet Explorer ADOBE DREAMWEAVER 8 COST - �337.98 (DABS website - reduced price) ADVANTAGES - most highly recommended package on the internet, professional, reasonably easy to use DISADVANTAGES - very expensive (unnecessary cost for small companies), people with hardly any experience in computers wont be able to use it PICZO COST - free ADVANTAGES - cheap, very simple DISADVANTAGES - not a professional look (customers wont take the centre seriously), can't choose your web address MICROSOFT PUBLISHER COST - �100 ADVANTAGES - quite cheap, works the same as any other Microsoft Office application, simple, easy to use, sample ...read more.


The free web authoring packages did not create the look that I wanted for my website, and I simply could not afford the more expensive packages. Frontpage was already installed on the computers at school so I chose to use this program instead. It may not look as professional as me of the other packages, but it is good enough for what I am using it for. I have never used it before but it should be easy to use because I already have experience of using the other Microsoft Office applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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