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Some of the technologies I use and the reasons why I use them are shown in the table below.

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Some of the technologies I use and the reasons why I use them are shown in the table below. Category. Technology. Home. School. Personal. Social. Internet. The World Wide Web. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Downloading Files. Yes. No. Yes. Yes. Chat Rooms. Yes. No. Yes. Yes. Broadband. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Communication. Mobile Phone. Yes. No. Yes. Yes. E-Mail. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Web Cams. Yes. No. No. Yes. Video Phone. Yes. No. Yes. Yes. Entertainment. MP3 Player. Yes. No. Yes. Yes. Games Console. Yes. No. Yes. Yes. Digital TV. Yes. No. Yes. Yes. DVD Player. Yes. No. Yes. Yes. It has an 8-mega byte internal memory with an upgradeable memory via the memory card. It also has Bluetooth wireless technology and has an MP3 player and the phone can synchronise with my computer via a USB cable supplied with the phone. With this cable, I can download upgrades for my phone, as well as additional applications, ringtones and video clips. ...read more.


For example, it has a messaging service, which I use frequently. Also, it has got a WAP service, which I use to download pictures, ringtones, games and videos. I can put MP3 files on to my phone and play them whilst I'm on the move, and save my photos on to the memory card, of which I can print off at any Kodak Kiosk. Most importantly, I can call my family to let them know that I'm ok, which is essential when I'm out with my friends. Overall, the Nokia 7610 is a very user-friendly mobile phone Just like the previous iPods, the iPod photo features the touch-sensitive Apple Click Wheel. I use it to navigate through music and photos in 65,536 colours. Easier to read than ever, the iPod photo's display boasts 220x176-pixel resolution and a new Myriad typeface. Spin the wheel to Music and scroll effortlessly through dozens of play lists, hundreds of albums or thousand of songs, or highlight photos. ...read more.


However, once I brought it, the wheel was quite hard to master but I got used to it after a while, and overall, it is very user friendly. It is also very good for commercial use as well. For example, I have brought a USB cable, which plugs into my Gemini mixing deck. I usually mix the tracks onto my iPod and play a set of them while I'm at a gig. This enables me to have a rest and prepare my other sets of music. The use of the World Wide Web at school meets my needs well in a number of ways. For example, as I'm in year ten and taking my option subjects, it is essential that I make useful notes by gathering information from the Internet. These notes will therefore help me at later stages, where I do the coursework, which count towards the examinations. ?? ?? ?? ?? The Effect Of ICT At Home And At School. Scott Adshead. 11A. Unit 3(a) Page1. 09/05/2007 ...read more.

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