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Specification The task that I am going to provide a solution for is to produce a computerised quotation system for TD Insurances

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SPECIFICATION The task that I am going to provide a solution for is to produce a computerised quotation system for TD Insurances. EXISTING SYSTEM: TD Insurances is a small business providing insurance for cars, run by Thomas Davidson. He started the business one year ago after being made redundant as a factory worker assembling car parts. He has used his knowledge from his previous job and gradually built up his business although he has no employees working for him at the moment. However his wife helps him with the paperwork when she can. Thomas works full- time from his home study, which is located in the heart of Streatham. In the past year Thomas has had a lot of experience dealing with customers and clients. He now has a number of devoted customers who frequently contact him when the renewal for their car insurance is due. Thomas usually interacts with his customers over the phone from his study; sometimes however he does conduct business at the home of his customer to their convenience. When Thomas finds an interested client he firstly explains to the client everything that is involved in the policy. In order for Thomas to calculate the insurance quote, he uses a calculator, a record of tables with the insurance ratings and his diary where he notes all the information down. ...read more.


* To be able to print multiple copies of the quotes. * To make the system password protected so a password will be needed in order to enter the system. * To be able to lookup the costs of the different types of quotes. * To make sure the details about the customers' names, surnames, addresses, age and other details can be seen. * To be able to use a command button so data can be stored. * To use drop down boxes to be able to select options. QUALITATIVE OBJECTIVES: * To make the system user- friendly I will create a user interface so that it is easy to move around the system. * To make the system look professional and organised. PERFORMANCE CRITERIA: * The system should be able to use a formula in order to work out the total cost of the insurance quote. * The system should be able to use a calculation in order to work out the cost of the insurance excluding the discount. * The system should be able to print multiple copies of the insurance quotation. * The system should be password enable, so a password will be needed in order to access the system to make sure the system is safe. * The system should be able to lookup the costs of the quotation. ...read more.


I will then use a formula to calculate the total cost of the insurance quote and also without the discount. In order to make the quote, which will be printed; much professional and organised I will be adding the name of the company, address, telephone numbers and the company logo at the top. I will also arrange all the information into sections and add colour to make it look more attractive. I will create the macros into buttons so the user can quickly carry the tasks. I will also add a front end to the system. A front end is the name given to the user-friendly interface that will appear on the screen when the file is loaded. It will provide the user with a number of options. Output: The output will be the full quote details, which will be on the screen of the computer showing the customer name, address, car details, the cost of the insurance and without the discount. The output on the screen will also show the macros, which can be used to navigate around the system. The other output will be the fully modified and professional printed quote that will show the company logo long with the company's address and contact numbers. It will also show the issue date, all the details about the quote and the expiry date of the quote. ?? ?? ?? ?? Neelam Patel 12F ICT Coursework 1 ...read more.

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