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Sports Day Presentation Using Power Point

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Plan The topic I will be covering will be sports day activities and to prepare students for the task. I will inform the students about the activities that will be taking place and give a description of the activities. There will be five main activities available for the pupil's football, athletics, rugby, basketball and volleyball. The audience for my presentation will be aimed at pupils who are participating in the sports day or would like to participate by learning more about what will happen and I will inform the students about the activities taking place. As the audience would be students in the school that would be of different ages ranging from 12-16 and therefore they all would be of different abilities and to make sure I made the presentation appropriate for them is by making the presentation comprehensible for all these ages by not using technical language and moreover, by adding images that would make the students more enthusiastic about the activity rather than dull images. For my assignment I will be using various type of application software and to begin with I will be using Microsoft power point for my presentation and using power point I can create multiple slides and can add animation to images text etc. ...read more.


There are various animation effects available in power point like box in, cover up, etc whilst I used checkerboard across in all my slides. To access slide transition you go to slide show and the slide transition subsequently the menu on the right pops up as shown in the screen shot. In this menu there are 3 options to choose and edit from. First being the animation effect you have to choose and second you could modify the effect by either decreasing or increasing the speed of the animation effect or by adding sound to the effect. The third option lets you change the setting of the transition as in when the effect should play. For this there are two options either a mouse click or automatically after some specific seconds also there is option if would like this transition to apply for all slides or individual slides. Buttons- Buttons help the viewer or the presenter navigate across his/her presentation or do a specific task as the creator wanted. It is an object when clicked takes you to a hyperlink, run a programme or just plays a sound. ...read more.


Graphic editing For my multimedia tasks I had to obtain graphics from 4 different sources and I could not have just used them as I had got them. I had to make a few changes to the image so that it fits into my presentation and makes the reader feel part of it and so that it does not cause any layout or contrast problems. Firstly I created my own art work in Microsoft paint. This software helps us to make basic shapes and use basic shapes to create basic artwork. Here is a print shot of the image I created. Next I had scanned a image and the image was of a newspaper and I wanted the picture of the man in action while throwing a rugby ball so, I cropped the image using Microsoft paint and saved the image different to the one of the newspaper by using save as feature. Sound editing I added my own sound file in my presentation which would play in my first slide with the animation of the slide title "sports day". I recorded the sound using sound recorder and I could adjust the speed and volume using the software so that my recording is user friendly ...read more.

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