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Spreadsheet Examples

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Spreadsheet Examples Example 1 - A builders charge rate A self-employed builder uses a spreadsheet to keep a record of his daily jobs. He charges �12.00 an hour and a call-out charge if he has to do a job after 6.00pm A B C D E F G 1 Customer Charge Hours Cost of Cost of Call out Total 2 name per hour worked labour materials charge bill 3 4 5 Law �12.00 2 �24.00 �4.00 - �28.00 6 Derrick �12.00 3 �36.00 �18.00 - �54.00 7 Allen �12.00 4 �48.00 �40.00 - �88.00 8 Crowe �12.00 1 �12.00 �15.00 �15.00 �42.00 9 George �12.00 2 �24.00 �12.00 �15.00 �51.00 10 11 Daily 12 total �263.00 This example shows a spreadsheet used by a builder to keep track of his daily jobs. ...read more.


This was =SUM(D5*F5). Then, for the rest of the column to be worked out, drag down the fill handle from G5 to G9 and the results should automatically be worked out. To work out the daily total you need to use this formula: =SUM (G5+ G6+ G7+ G8+G9). Example 2 - Estate agents Someone searching for a property or an estate agent can use this spreadsheet to keep track of properties on the market. Column D, M, N, O, P, Q and R contain a format type of currency the show different prices and taxes and fees when buying a house. Columns C, F, G, H, K, L have a format of text from which C is the postcode (location of property, columns G and H contain the estate agent name and a link to the property website, and columns F, K and L contain information about the property features. ...read more.


total fees to the price of the house the formula entered to work out R2 is =D2+Q2, this also needs to be done for each holiday. All these formulas can be work out for every house without re-entering the formula this is by using the fill handle tool and dragging it down. The presentation of this spread sheet is simple and easy to understand, there is a gap between the heading of each row and the data this is to make the headings stand out better. Also the spreadsheet is made easy for user to read by highlighting the area were all the duties and fees are covered to divide it from the information about the actual house ?? ?? ?? ?? Saika Bi Candidate Number: 4037 Centre Number: 20243 ...read more.

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