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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 3843

Spreadsheet Project - computer system for a video hire shop.

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Spreadsheet Project Identification 2 Description of the problem 2 Evidence that the problem exists 2 Identification of the Users 2 Alternative Solutions 2 Justification of Chosen Solution 3 Objectives / User Requirements 4 Analysis 5 Evidence of path followed in solution approach 5 Source of the Information 5 Implications of data types 5 Diagram of data inputs / process / outputs 6 Design 7 Designs for the solution 7 Solution broken down into sub tasks 8 User comments recorded 9 Validation / Verification / Backup / Security 9 Test plan 9 Test data identified 10 Use and Implementation 11 Relevance to design 11 Errors corrected 12 Annotated evidence of implementation 14 Details of implementation process 15 Evidence of testing 16 Annotated copy of testing 17 Evaluation 19 Evaluation against the objectives 19 User comments 19 Suggested improvements / changes in the future 19 Identification Description of the problem A friend of the family has approached me with the following problem. His name is Jack Challis and he is the owner and manager of a small video shop in East London. The name of the shop is Video Plus and it has been open for about eight months. At present, Jack does all his accounts by hand on paper, but it is proving to be quite a problem. Jack needs to work out many calculations, for example, how much he earns each week from rentals, purchases etc. There are many reasons why using a computer would be more efficient than using pen and paper. One reason is speed. Typing is quicker than writing and when a mistake is made, it can be deleted and correcting quickly and easily. Another benefit is security. Accounting work on the computer can be saved and back-up files made so important information will not be lost. Another advantage is that Jack can find out information that could help him run his business, eg: what is the most popular purchase etc. ...read more.


The financial columns would be automatically totalled for the month using a =sum formulae. The totals for each of these 12 worksheets would be reflected in a final worksheet which would give an annual account of the business. This workbook will be able to produce graphs showing percentages of income (video, DVD, rental, sales, food sales, late fines). Reports will also be generated showing which videos are the most popular, when is peak time for sales, who are good/bad customers. Some of this information can then be used to target specific customers and to make purchasing decisions. The general layout of the monthly income worksheet will be: Date Membership No Video Number Cost Total Formulae and functions that I am going to use include: > Date This column will have a formulae to generate the current day's date: =TODAY() > Cost This column will be formatted for currency to two decimal places. The column finishes with a monthly total. The formulae for this is =SUM(E2:E14). The final figure in the formulae will alter depending on how many transactions have been made. The general layout of the yearly income worksheet will be: Rental Sales Late Fines Food Sales Total April May June Expenditure The expenditure workbook will also be divided into monthly worksheets, starting in the new financial year. This worksheet will cover all expenses such as premises rental, maintenance, purchasing stock, advertising, services (gas, electricity, phone etc). This workbook will be connected to the final worksheet on the income workbook so that a total net income can be reached. This workbook will be able to produce graphs and reports showing expenditure. The general layout of the expenditure worksheet will be: Month A M J J A S O N D J F M Income Video Sales Video Rental Food Total Less Cost of goods sold Videos Food Total Gross Profit Expenditure Wages Premises Power Insurance Advertising Other Total Net Profit I intend to use Arial font and use a minimum of colours. ...read more.


I spelt 'April' as 'Aprl' and the system produced a 'File Not Found' box. Evaluation Evaluation against the objectives The objectives from the Identification section are: > Automatically calculate and produce monthly sales figures for: o Video rentals o Video purchases o Late fines o Food purchases > Automatically calculate and produce yearly sales figures (and a running total) for: o Video rentals o Video purchases o Late fines o food purchases > Produce an annual profit and loss statement I think that the system I have implemented meets each of the objectives identified. The Monthly and Yearly worksheets cover all the objectives covered under the first two main objectives and the Annual Profit and Loss Spreadsheet covers the third objective. User comments After testing the workbooks thoroughly, I showed the final system to Jack Challis. He was pleased with the system and said that it meets all of his requirements. I have attached a copy of the questionnaire that I gave to the shop owner after he had tried the system for one month (Appendix B). Suggested improvements / changes in the future Although my system meets all of the objectives and requirements of the end user, there is still room for improvements and expansion. An area that I would improve would be the user interface. If I had more time to further increase my knowledge of Excel, I would have designed a more user friendly interface in the layout of a form. This form would have buttons to carry out such functions as: add new transaction, view current day's accounts etc. Jack Challis is currently considering installing a photo development service to his business. If this plan goes ahead, it would mean that the system would need to be expanded to include this type of transaction. Appendix A Appendix B Tom Brown Chislehurst and Sidcup Page 1 Grammar School, Centre Number: 14115 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE ICT Systems and Application section.

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