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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 2417

Spreadsheet Project Identify - A couple of months ago my friends and me formed a band called "MISK". As we are new to the field of accountancy, we are finding it hard to keep track of our spendings and savings.

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Spreadsheet Project Identify A couple of months ago my friends and me formed a band called "MISK". As we are new to the field of accountancy, we are finding it hard to keep track of our spendings and savings. We also find it hard and time consuming to evenly share out the money between different funds (we have different funds for different things e.g. Drums, Amps etc and they all need different amounts of money) and ideally we need to share out the money proportionally between each fund. So we have all decided that we need something to help us easily manage our finances. I am therefore going to design and make a spreadsheet that will help us keep track and organize any of the little money that we are able to save, and how we should spend it. As our needs and funds will be continuously changing, a spreadsheet is the best solution as it is able to change and react when information is inserted and is able to perform complex equations automatically. A lot of data is to be stored, so a database could be used, but a spreadsheet package is better because complicated calculations will be performed on some of the input data and this can be done on a spreadsheet but not on a database. ...read more.


. To make it easier to keep track of our spendings and savings on the next page we have included an "Amount of money Raised/Spent" column as shown below. To use the Rating Bar, First you type in the Artist and Name of the song and then press the up and down buttons to change the rating out of 10. This can be changed as often as you want but you have to save for the Spreadsheet to remember. Processing Making increasing and decreasing buttons Go into the "Forms Tool Bar" and select the "Spinner" options. Then select the area that you want the Spinner to be. Now the Spinner should have appeared in the area that you selected. Right click on the Spinner and press the option, now this Box should appear on the screen. This kind of button is also used on the Rating Column on the second sheet using the same method, but changing the incremental change to 1 and the min to 0 and the max to 10, so it only shows a mark out of 10. The Amount Raised Column To make sure the system works I will get a member of the band to test that every aspect of the spreadsheet works. I will then personally check myself to see if there is anything that I missed. ...read more.


2. Be easy and clear to use - Completed - Band could all use it and explanatory as it has comments to explain how to use. 3. Work out how much money we have and need - Completed - Calculator page evidence. 4. Automatically work out how much each fund has and show how much more we need until the target amount is reached - Completed - Amount Raised/Amount Still Needed and status columns evidence. 5. Personalized - Completed - Pictures evidence 6. Small enough to be e-mailed yet hold all the information we need - Completed - Only 50.5kb (Small enough to fit on a floppy disk or be e-mailed) 7. Proportionally divide the money that we have between different funds depending on how much is needed - Completed - Amount Raised column evidence 8. Imput in Pounds only, as loose change will be used for Travel and Phone Calls - Completed - All entries to nearest Pound, no pence. I also think that there are ways in which I could improve my spreadsheet, I would like to make my spreadsheet automatically record the date and the amount of money credited/withdrawn. Another thing that I want to include are HyperLinks to Tabs for the individual (tabs are another word for music) so on the rating column you can click on the song name and the tab would open. I would also like to personalize it further by adding sounds and links to other files that may be useful. This could be included in a new version. ...read more.

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