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spreadsheet project

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Information Communication Technology Spreadsheet project. Analysis The company has issued its tour guides with laptop computers that have Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Office XP installed. They have asked you to produce a spreadsheet template to help the tour guides efficiently record sales of these additional trips and tickets. The tour guide travels out from Paris with the guests to Calais, where the tour guide gets off, and the coach continues its journey to London. The outward coach returns to Paris later that day with the new guests and collects the tour guide who has waited in Calais. The tour guide will take orders for the additional trips and tickets from guest parties/families as the coach continues on to Paris. Before leaving Paris, the tour guide will have received an e-mail with an Excel attachment complete with the guest list for the coach, so they will not need to enter the party/family names. Excel is perfect software for designing spreadsheets, as it allows you to make a template. ...read more.


Advantages and disadvantages. * Much quicker and easier * Cheaper to write them out * Able to make lots of copies * Don't strain your eyes as much * Have special programs designed for making spreadsheets * Not that reliable as the computer could crash or you could lose your document * Able to use data validation and spell check * Easy to distribute via email Design Using computer software such as excel is a perfect programme for designing spread sheets, as it calculates all of the data for you and sorts it out into order. I would defiantly use excel to make spread sheets because you can use complex data validation to make the sheet how you would like, also excel can add, subtract, multiply information for you so you don't have to use a calculator. Excel has another good option as it allows you to create fields of information which can then be created into a graph or table. The design of my spread sheet was very important as I had to think about whom the audience was and how my design and layout would affect them. ...read more.


Evaluation Overall I think that my spread sheet meets the specifications set as it contains all the right information which is professionally set which contains the right formatting and validation. My spread sheet designed on the computer is much better then simply writing it down in a sales book as it is much easier to distribute to the head office as it can send it by email via an attachment. Also it is much more uncommon that mistakes will occur as it is designed on a computer which checks for spelling mistakes and other common errors. By introducing spread sheet making this will make the company look much more professional as you have it all organised and type up. This will also benefit the company by saving a lot of time and money as you don't need to employ lots of people to write down the data by hand, because instead you can just type it up in excel which does most of the calculations for you. Spread sheets are a critical must have in any business as they make it easy to distribute data from one place to another and they improve the development of any business as it saves time and money. ...read more.

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