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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 1800

Spreadsheet Report

Extracts from this document...


Spreadsheet report 1) describe what the user needs The purpose of my spreadsheet is to model the cost of a Limo hiring service. The limos can be hired on a daily basis for a minimum of a day and a maximum of two days there will be a discount for a hiring the limo for more than �50 the discount will be 5% and if the client has hired more than �100 than they will get 10% discount. This means that when it is finished you will be able to see when a limo is being hired, on what date and how long for. Describe the data needed For my spreadsheet to be successful it needs to have the following data: * Hiring costs * Details of limos * Details of customers * Prices * Discounts 3) Describe the worksheets, formulas and functions you plan to use I will collect data from the Internet due to the range of sources and data available. I will collect data from theses websites: * www.limo.org * www.limos.com * www.limospros.com Worksheet 1- Limo Details Column Name Description Format 1 Registration Registration Number of Limo General 2 Limo name Name of Limo General 3 Cost per hour Price per hour Accounting 4 Seats How many seats Number 5 Booked How many times been booked General Worksheet 2- Hirer Details Column Name Description Format 1 Hirer Name Name of Hirer Text 2 ...read more.


* Click on format * Go to column * Click on width and * Finally a window should appear, and then you can change the column width 6) Once I had everything saved in my folder, I then began to insert data which was needed for the boat information. * First I typed in headings for the worksheet; I then highlighted them all and formatted them to be bold. This was so that the titles stuck out from everything else. * Then I began to insert data into the worksheet in the correct headings that it was needed for: Registration, Limo name, Cost per hour and Seats 7) I changed the format of the cells by. * Right Clicking any Cell * Clicking on "Format Cell" * format Cell window should appear * Then e.g. click on Number and change the format of cell to Time And * Finally click on ok and the cell is formatted. I also added border, patterns and changed the alignment. This is how I done it Border: * Highlight where you want a border * Click on format * Click on cell * A window should appear * Click on Border and * Choose what kind of border u want * Then press ok Here is an example I completed the same for patterns and alignment. ...read more.


This result is also shown in the print off at the back of this report. 8 Sort at least one worksheet into a selected order I decided to sort the data in order of my choice in one of my worksheet. This was the "Hirer Details" worksheet. Here is an example o f how I did this. * Highlight the cells you want to sort * Click on Data * Click on sort * A window should come up * Choose how you want to sort the data: ascending / descending Here is some screenshots how I done it. Here is the Result 9 Describe how you ensured that your work was accurate and safe I kept backups of my spreadsheet report on floppy, on lgfl, on my h-drive and on my computer at home. Here is a screenshot of the file being sent to floppy Here my work is on floppy. Here is a screenshot of the file on my home computer. Here my file is on lgfl To make sure that I didn't have any errors on my work I proof read my work and did a spell check. I also did a spelling and grammar check. I made my work accurate, I checked all the formulae I used and they were correct. I checked all my formulas my clicking on tools then on options, clicking on view and selecting/ticking formulas. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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