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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 7709

Spreadsheet Technical report. My task was to produce a grade book for primary school teachers; the aim of this spreadsheet was to allow teachers to input scores and record student progress.

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Spreadsheet Technical Report - Teacher Grade book. My task was to produce a grade book for primary school teachers; the aim of this spreadsheet was to allow teachers to input scores and record student progress. In this report I will attempt to explain the processes I went through to produce the grade book. Step 1 In order to create a professional, user friendly grade book, I firstly wrote a list of the items I wanted to include in my spreadsheet using Microsoft Word, before I started creating it. I did this so that I could make sure I had included all the functions required, as I changed their colour from red to black once I had completed that function. Step 2 Once I had completed this, I wrote down what functions/data each individual page would contain, and the order each worksheet should go in, in Microsoft Word. I did this because it allowed me to have a chance to analyse the amount of information and functions which were needed on each worksheet. It also have me the ability to understand the order in which my worksheets should follow, for example, if I had put the maths report after the english worksheet instead of the maths one, then it would not have run in a logical sequence of events, and would have most likely confused the user (the teacher.) I did the worksheet layout before creating my spreadsheet, as if I had not prepared and gave a structure to my Spreadsheet beforehand, I may have made numerous mistakes and I would have had to of gone back and changed it afterwards, or more unfortunate, maybe I would have had to of started a new spreadsheet altogether. Step 3 Once I had finished and knew what I was going to include, I was then ready to tie it all together and form a professional grade book in Microsoft Excel; the reason why I decided to create a grade book in Excel is because It is ...read more.


High-lighting the cell I want to create the list in, and clicking "data" in the top toolbar. A list then appeared offering me different options, I then selected "validation." 2) Under the validation criteria, I clicked the arrow next to the "allow" box and selected "list." Then I scrolled down to the source box and entered in the cell range which beheld the information I wanted in my drop down list, and pressed ok. My drop down list then appeared in my selected cell. The reason I made a drop down list was because it saves the teacher time and effort in typing a students name into the lookup table, every time she wants to search for a particular pupil. Furthermore, if two pupils had the same name, it would allow the teacher to look at both students by displaying the two surnames and allowing the teacher to click one depending on which child she wanted to look at, whereas if I did not have a drop down menu and just a VLookup table, then it would not have displayed both student records. The reason I did not create a student number for each child is because the teacher probably will not be able to remember the number each child is, and will have to go to the top of the worksheet to find out what number that particular child is, so it is easier to have the "Surname" as the main column and lookup value, as the teacher will know the child's surname. Also the teacher may not know how to spell a particular name so instead of guessing or looking through the list of student names to try and find the spelling, she can just look at the drop down list and click the one she wants. The reason I decided to include a VlookUp table in my spreadsheet was because it allows the teacher to look at a particular student, without having to scan through the student names and look across ...read more.


In conclusion, I thought my spreadsheet was appropriate for my target audience. The only area, during the production of the spreadsheet, which I found difficult, was the VLookUp, as I did not realise that the first column of my table array started at 1, I thought that column A was always 1 even if it was not the first column in the table array. If I was to create an improved spreadsheet, I would use INDEX/MATCH functions instead of a VLOOKUP, as an index/match function is stronger than a VLooup and it allows you to search for more than one criteria, whereas a Vlookup does not, and the teacher may want to look up more than one student. INDEX/MATCH functions are used together as a tool to extract data from a table, so this would be more suitable than a VLOOKUP. Moreover, I am glad I later created a macro so that the teacher did not have to go back to the top of the filter on the annual report worksheet, every time she wanted to undo the filter; the macro allowed the teacher to easily undo the filter without consuming time. Furthermore, I am also pleased that I chose to use an Autofilter rather then an advanced filter, as with an Autofilter it easily allows you to change what you want to search for via a drop down menu, whereas on an advanced filter you would have to keep changing the criteria for the filter. So I believe the Autofilter is the best option considering the target audience, as it is easier to use and you need functions which are user friendly. Additionally if I was the improve the spreadsheet, I would make the subject worksheets look more presentable with colour as at the moment the background is plain white, so I would format the cells to a particular colour, although I would still make sure it still looked professional. Finally, I believe that the spreadsheet is user friendly and fit for purpose. ?? ?? ?? ?? Laura Jayne Ford 10JB Spreadsheet Technical Report Archbishop Blanch CE High School ...read more.

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