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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 8318

Spreadsheet. This coursework is based on the work of a spreadsheet, which is designed for a computer shop, called CNE computers.

Extracts from this document...


TASK A: Spreadsheet coursework page 1 This coursework is to design a spreadsheet that will help a Company in their organisation of their files and information. I, a student in year 10 will have to produce a spreadsheet that is complex enough to meet the requirements of a specific organisation and as simple to use that any member of staff will be able to use it. A: Description of Problem This coursework is based on the work of a spreadsheet, which is designed for a computer shop, called CNE computers. I have chosen a family business, whereby my father owns the shop. It is located on a busy street in the heart of Harrow. It concentrates mainly on selling and repairing computers and general electronics. The manager seems to have a problem with dealing with all the paperwork of his customers. The system that he is using is very complicated; it causes him a lot of trouble, as it is very problematic. He currently uses a manual system, whereby all his invoices, accounts and finance calculations are taken out. This method is slow, hard and tiresome. When working out his finances, such as his profits, VAT calculations, he must write down and calculate them using a pen, paper and a calculator. This is an unreliable method, for human errors are inevitable. For example, if he was to make a mistake in the working out, the chances are that he would not notice until the end, making all of his working out incorrect, hence he would have to start all over again; plus finding the error would be time consuming. And so starting all over again means that you have to erase (rub out or tip-ex) the entire thing, making it look terribly unprofessional and untidy. TASK A: Spreadsheet coursework page 2 Furthermore, there is the problem of invoices and writing up each one manually takes up too much time. ...read more.


TASK E (iii): Spreadsheet coursework page 1 (iii) Data Collection, data capture and Input: There are many ways to insert information into ones computer, though it all resolves to one point hardware. What kind of devices does the user have, to insert information into his system; this could vary from the most commonly used input devices, to the most specialised and up class in technology. Here are a few input devices one can use in his system. Key to disk: This is just the simple typing using the keyboard on the computer. It's a very simple tool and indeed very cheap and is nevertheless efficient. It is used in any ordinary computer, and has disadvantages like time consuming and many easily made mistakes are made. Microphone easy speaking This is a two way piece which is when someone speaks through the Hardware, the microphone it appears using the software as text on the screen. Magnetic Ink Character Recognition This mechanism is ideally used in banks and building societies, as it is used to print the peculiar characters on cheques. These characters could be numbers or letters, and is printed by using an ink which consists of iron and may be magnetised. The magnetic pattern of the numbers can be read by a Magnetic Ink Character Recognition. Optical Character Recognition: This is a scanner with a difference. Not only does it scan images it can also recognise each letter individually. I.e. as it is often hard to read printed letters and numbers (like distinguishing TASK E (iii): Spreadsheet coursework page 2 between the number 5 and letter S) the Optical Character recognition scans and recognises each character not only as a picture but also as an individual character. Therefore due to its technology it can be edited on a database such as Microsoft word, so you can just imagine how expensive this contraption is. Optical Mark Recognition This is a gadget that can convert marks(lines) ...read more.


I.e. It is possible to sell more than 10 computer cables, but is unlikely to sell more than 10 computers to the same person, this is why I would have liked to justify the overflow validation constricting it to each kind of item. E.g. For a cable the quantity sold will rise to a maximum of about 25, where as a Pentium 3 processor only a maximum of about 4. Further improvements are contained go under the headings of quantity, Price, VAT and Total where another validation method can be used to investigate for minus figures (i.e. below the number 0). Additional work can be made to find how to persuade the computer to write, "Profit" if the sale made a profit and vice-versa for "Loss". In relation to my initial set criteria my uses of VLookup and the If statements used are undoubtedly useful and causes less hassle to the user. The initial target was to develop a spreadsheet to calculate the VAT, my final spreadsheet is able to do this and much more, I have now created a spreadsheet that can calculate everything in great detail I have produced an entire package to satisfy a company's entire needs. Not only have I produced a package that can calculate the VAT, I have also made it easier for the user to function the filing system. This is due to the reason that I have produced "IF and Vlookup statements" so that once the member of staff types in the description of item, the price of the item, how much VAT is due, and the total amount is shown. As well as this it automatically shows our profits and losses after the presently sold item. These listings will be confidently confirmed by using the validation and verification formulas. My final judgement on the final spreadsheet produced is that it is an asset to any company who functions it and hopefully in the future it can progress to be even more efficient. ?? ?? ?? ?? 6 1 ...read more.

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