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Spreadsheet user guide

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1. Go to the start menu, all programs then select Microsoft excel and click it using the left mouse key. 2. Collect relevant data e.g. gross salary, name, job etc. ...read more.


and weekly NET pay (gross weekly pay-total weekly deductions). 6. High-light row 1 (the row which contains the titles) click format cells, select the tab which says alignment and on the right hand there is a semi-circle with a line with a red node (diamond shaped object) at the end. ...read more.


7. Now the spreadsheet is complete! If you want gridlines or formulae you must, go into tools (top of the page in the menu bar) go down and select options. Once in options, select the tab: view. At the bottom of the window there are lots of boxes, if you want gridlines and/or formulae then tick the boxes. Andrew Cruickshank Mr Panesar 10pICT1 ...read more.

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