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Study the factors which affect the resistance of a wire.

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Hotel Management System Group Members: Ali Rizvi Osama Bakhteyar Afak Nazim The hotel management system that we have designed can be used to keep records of room availability, types of rooms available, costs per night etc. By entering the room type required, a reservation clerk can immediately inform a customer whether or not a room is available. ...read more.


A room record contains information such as: Room number Room type Room rate Facilities present Name of occupant (this is blank if room is available) Date of arrival Date of departure etc. This allows the user to easily answer quarries such as: 1. Is room 1002 available? 2. When will room 1002 be available? ...read more.


Expected date of arrival Expected date of departure Room type requested Room assigned By accessing the booking file and the room file, the system can automatically allocate a room to the customer, as follows: 1. Using the booking file, determine the expected date of arrival and the type of room requested by a customer 2. Using the room file, find a room of the type requested which becomes available on the expected date of arrival 3. Insert the room number in the room assigned field of the booking record. ...read more.

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