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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 7264

System administration report

Extracts from this document...


AS Coursework Task 1: Report Plan The system administration report that I am doing will be based on a four star hotel called the Moat House. There are numerous reasons for the choice of this hotel, as it will give me a chance to find out how a hotel is managed with the aid of ICT. The Moat House operates in the commerce industry where it aims to provide a service to the community. The Moat House is suited in an ideal location close to M25; with scenic surroundings it is a matter of convenience for the customers. As the hotel industry is becoming highly competitive, the hotel aims to offer low rates and high quality service at the same time and build a respectable reputation. It operates in small area and aims to dominate the market in the area they operate. The hotel is busy through out the week, especially on Friday's and the weekends where it is fully booked. The hotel is an ideal place for weddings, parties and conferences with numerous halls and conference rooms. The hotel has also started advance bookings for Christmas and New Year parties. The hotel generates its main revenue from booking and reservations for weddings, conferences, and parties. The Moat house is attractive to a variety of businesses, ranging from small to big companies such as JCB, Argos and GEC for their conference rooms. My investigation will include a schedule of the system administrator daily tasks in the hotel. The Moat house is split into different departments where different aspects of the administration are used. Those departments are Reception, Management, Finance and Administration. The hotel has 12-networked computers spread about in different department. It uses a client server network, which will be further discussed in the report. The Moat House uses one main application and that is IGS hotel booking system. The application is on the server and each department has access to application in their own computer. ...read more.


Software Specification Each department of the hotel have their own different applications that are relevant to that department only. The main application that all departments have access to is the IGS booking software. The system administrator has access to all applications to check their purpose and has specified software to various departments such as the Accounting/ Finance department will use Sharp - hotel bills and not the Human Resource department. There is mail server software that collects all the e-mails and checks the content of the e-mails being done by each employee. In appropriate use of e-mails can result into punishment. Here is a list of all the applications each department uses: Management Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel Microsoft Access Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft Outlook Win Zip 8.0 Norton Antivirus Ntl Internet Explorer 5.0 IGS Booking Software Sharp Accounting Software Mail Server Accounts/Finance Microsoft Office 98 - Excel, Word, Access, Power Point and Outlook IGS Booking Software Sharp Accounting Software Ntl Internet Explorer Mail Server Norton Antivirus Sales Microsoft Office 98 IGS Booking Software Mail Server Ntl Internet Explorer 5.0 Norton Antivirus HRM Microsoft Office 98 IGS Booking Software Mai Server Ntl Internet Explorer 5.0 Norton Antivirus Administration Microsoft Office 98 Ntl Internet Explorer 5.0 Mail Server IGS Booking Software Sharp Accounting Software These are the main applications used by all the departments. I have not put down any of the ICT department applications, as it is the system Administrator's job to check that all the applications are working to their specification. The main application that is the IGS booking software and it Mrs. Rutten job to make sure this application is working to its fullest potential as it acts as the powerhouse of the system. It is important that a license should be issued when using a new application, as there is a limit of how many computers can use the same application. A multi user license was issued for it 's main application IGS booking system that can be used by all computers in the hotel. ...read more.


Security Issues This is another important aspect the system administration. The security of the network is to a reasonable extent where employees have their own password and is changed every three months. There is Norton Anti virus software to combat any external viruses from the Internet and e-mails. Although the firm could benefit filtering and blocking sites off to employee's when using the Internet. There are CCTV cameras located around the hotel to monitor any illegal activity being conducted near or inside the hotel. Administration Procedures Most administration procedures are handled well. There are general jobs such as ordering consumables such as ink cartridges and paper for printer that is done by the system administrator. Other procedures regular backing up of data and monitoring processes to make sure the network is running smoothly. Backup Procedures Here are detailed guidelines set up by management and the system administrator which, must be followed in order to make the files are backed up correctly. If any data is lost or corrupted there is a duplicate file that can be accessed to retrieve any information. All file are backed up on a magnetic disk and stored in a special storage facility such as a safe. Social and Moral issues The hotel is concerned about the welfare of its employees and believes that a good working environment will improve productivity from each employee. There are some strict guidelines that must be obeyed by employees so that they don't suffer from computer based related injuries such as RSI and eyestrain. There is the hotel misuse act for the Internet that explains the consequences if an employee found misusing the Internet. The Moat House operates a well-established, comprehensive administration system. The staffs are immensely pleased with the service and the system administration has made easy step-to-step instructions for users to follow. There is some modification that could improve the system even further. The most important modification would the development of more up to date bespoke software that can replace the IGS booking software, as it can be compatible for Windows 2000. 1 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE ICT Systems and Application section.

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