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System Analysis Report

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System Analysis Report for Cuttin' Stylez 1. Booking an appointment As of present clients contact the barbers centre by telephone to book an appointment. Following this the booking clerk will then fill in an appointment on the existing booking form. If the client contacting the centre is a new client the details of himself/herself is then placed on a record card and placed in the existing index file. A client can often book a number of services required for consecutive times with one provider. Current clients are able to book by telephone, but usually their next appointment is booked at the end of their current appointment. 2. Scheduling personnel As each day comes to an end, every individual member of staff is given a scheduled rota for the subsequent day Entries are made at the end of every lesson; the entry will give a recording of any change in personal details. ...read more.


d. Enable user to enter and store revised schedule data easily. e. Give the ability for the user to access daily booking on screen and check availability. f. Give the ability for the user to produce schedules automatically. g. Give the ability for the user to produce reports in which lists fees, percentages and totals calculated for each, individual provider of which is either in full or in summary. h. Give the ability for the user to produce reports of which list staff and client details. i. Give the ability for the user to produce reports of which give client details of their bookings and procedures. 6. Constraints of the new system The program must run on the following, currently owned hardware. ...read more.


Initially the users will need to be trained on the system, this should not be too difficult as it will be accessible and also a user guide will also be included with the new system. 9. Advanced features to be used within the system The new system will include many advanced features to make the system as user-friendly as possible; these features will include user-friendly data input forms with validation and a menu form. An important characteristic of the new system is that macros will be used to make the system all round more accessible. Finally reports will be available to observe on screen and print to gain knowledge and understanding of overall summary i.e. daily rotas/bookings for the staff. ?? ?? ?? ?? Curtis Annan System Analysis Report 02/05/2007 N:\Subjects\AVCE ICT\Unit 6 (Database)\System Analysis Report.doc Unit 6 - Database ...read more.

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