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System Analyst

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TASK1 (A) A System Analyst studies the current system to help him/her to see which adjustments and improvements can be made. For this to happen, the System Analyst needs to analyse many documents. The purpose of a document analysis is to gather as much as information about the current system (e.g. if system is running efficiently) so that the new system will not have the current system problems. TASK1 (B) There are several inputting methods on the current system in the resort. For the data to be stored, the forms and documents must be filled in. The data can be stored either by paper or be on the computer. The system analyst must check the documents so no faults can appear on how the data is inputted. ...read more.


This will have details on the prices of each items, it will show VAT price and the total price for all items and lessons that are booked. Recorded Sales Documents: This document has details and records of all rooms purchased during the past year. The data that is shown on this document can help the resort manager to estimate how many rooms he should keep open or even build new rooms. TASK 2: INVOICE INVOICE INVOICE NO 34454 INVOICE DATE 30-Nov-02 PAYMENT METHOD Debit Card ROOM NO. 66 INVOICE TO NAME Allan, John ADDRESS 25 Paisley Way TOWN/CITY London POSTCODE HA0 4JY TELEPHONE NO. 0207399378 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION QUANTITY UNIT PRICE DISCOUNT AMOUNT Newspapers 5 �0.50 - �2.50 Room Service 1 �20 - �20 Mini-Bar 1 �32 - �32 Videos 8 �2.50 - �20 Skiing Lessons (Adult) ...read more.


End if End if. Else, If guest requests a skiing lesson then Do an on-screen credit check else If guest needs a higher credit limit then Request their credit/debit card details else Charge the lesson to their room. If lesson is available then Book lesson Add the guest to the attendance register else Try again later End if End if End if End until TASK 4 (A) Teaches Taught By Will Have Has Will Have Has TASK 4 (B) Field Name Datatype Entity Lesson Level TEXT LESSON/GUEST Room Number NUMERIC GUEST First Lesson BOOLEAN LESSON Spaces Available NUMERIC BOOKING Guest ID NUMERIC GUEST/BOOKING Start Time DATE/TIME BOOKING/LESSON Instructor Name TEXT INSTRUCTOR/LESSON TASK 4 (C) A suitable validation method for the field lesson level is to use the drop down menu because the user will have to select one out of the four required levels canceling out all human errors. Levels on the drop down menu are novice, nursery, intermediate and advanced. 1 ...read more.

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