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System requirements analysis

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Task 1 System requirements analysis My software needs to have a menu page with macros working appropriately, for example the macro taking you to the appointments page and/or posting appointments record appointments, store patient records, working dropdown menus/combo boxes which have a valid index form. The health centre needs to have a booking software that is done on computer rather that by paper. This is because it Is quicker and more efficient. the booking software needs to have valid, up-to-date patient records with their doctors. It needs to have a valid date and time for booking an appointment. The software needs to also be protected to ensure that outsiders do not obtain these records and/or change details. 1.1 Identifying Problem and Solution a) Identify the problem to be solved (A02.11) There are several problems, which need to be solved. The centre does not have the correct hardware of software that should be used. The health centre requires an electronic system rather than one on paper. The receptionist cannot keep writing out appointments, as it is very time consuming. It is hard to correct invalid date and the receptionist's handwriting may not be legible. This is why computer-based software is better and more efficient. The software that will be used also needs to be a new one as it is difficult using the older, less developed software. The health centre do not have a lot of money, the directors has decided to adopt Windows XP as the operating system used. The centre has a deal for office 2003 for a 10-computer licence. The centre will need to be viewed from a local hospital computer system via a WAN of internet link. The centre also needs a high definition monitor that should be 19" minimum. It is better if the centre used a LED or a TFT monitor to reduce eyestrain. The centre also needs to have a printer that can print out prescriptions and is quite quick. ...read more.


that the field has not been left blank - Range check- This checks the data for it's quantity (whether it is too high or too low. There is an upper and lower boundary for sensible values specified. Any values that exceed or are lower that these ranges will be rejected (name ranges). - Length check- ensures that the data entered is no longer than a specified maximum number of characters. This is particularly important if a fixed length field is being used to store the data. If this is the case then any extra characters typed that made the data longer than the space available to store it would be lost. Here are some example field names and appropriate maximum lengths. - Spell check- checks whether the spelling and grammar is correct. The software looks up words and corrects them with the dictionary. - Data validation- this function allows you to use an error message that informs the user that they have typed in incorrect data. Below is a screen shot of this error message: This screen shot shows that if a non-numerical or data that falls out of the ranges that were given, the system does not allow it and rejects it. To ensure that the data is not lost or altered (and valid), it is vital that backup copies are made. The software needs to be protected so no changes are made without authorisation. As you can see I have protected my booking software, to un-protect the software, a password should be entered. The disadvantage of this is that the password cannot be retrieved or reset if the user forgets the password. The password can be altered but not modified if it is forgotten. This booking software, like most electronic, computer-based software are likely to be protected and will last for a long time. The purpose and aim of this it being protected is that only the user can alter data. ...read more.


* Identify a clinical system currently in use in a real practice. Explain who makes this system, and give a brief account of what the clinical system does. 7.2 Comparison between a clinical system and your system (A02.15, AO1.14, A01.15, A01.35, A03.34, A04.12) * Explain what functions the clinical system will perform, and set out how they differ from those of your own system. 7.3 What changes when a clinical system is introduced (presentation notes) (A04.12, A02.35, A04.13, A04.14, A04.15) Bullet points are sufficient for this task, provided that enough detail is provided. You do not need to prepare presentation slides. * You should prepare notes for a stand-up presentation explaining the changes to working practices and job roles when a clinical system is introduced. You should consider the need for training requirements. Task 8 Building a LAN for the Health Centre (2 to 5 pages + screenshots/diagrams) HHC is considering whether to install a local area network (LAN). You need to prepare a report on this subject, addressed to the director of the Health Centre. Your report should have the following structure. 8.1 LAN configuration (A01.23, A01.24 A01.23) * You should recommend a configuration (structure) for the HHC local area network. Present this by means of a diagram illustrating how the Centre's hardware would be attached to the LAN. * You should show possible alternative configurations and justify your recommendations 8.2 Hardware listing and budget (A01.22, A01.23) * You should prepare a list of recommended hardware to meet HHC's network requirements. The list should cover servers, workstations, printers and scanners. * You should support each recommendation with evidence of research into specifications and costs. * From your hardware list, you should estimate a hardware budget for the HHC network. 8.3 Benefits and recommendations for the LAN (A03.15) * Explain the benefits which a LAN will provide to HHC. * Set out recommendations for future enhancements to the network, stating why they might be necessary or beneficial. ?? ?? ?? ?? GCSE ICT [Year 10] Centre-51427 Bhairavi Saravanamuthu 10T-10S1 Page 1 ...read more.

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