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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 4762

Task 2 - Access Database - ICT CW

Extracts from this document...


Task 2 - Access Database Specification Organisation The business that I am looking at is CM Electrical. The most important aim of the business is to provide good quality lighting at cheap prices. The company is operating in a very competitive market where it is constantly competing with other lighting companies and stores such Selfridges. Current System The firm at the moment is using a very basic system using a variety of databases, this is a problem because the data is not all on one system and this causes problems wasting value time for workers. The system is not very helpful as it not easy to use and take time to understand. The system holds information of the stock that the company has and the prices of each item and where they are within the building. At the moment the current system is back up every week on storage disk, CM electrical use a grandfather father son method. There is no real form of security; an id is required which is made up from any two letters. They work 8.30am to 6pm Mon- Fri and Saturday 9 am - 5.30 pm and in this time they use the system regularly. Users They users of the system are all the staff that currently work at CM electrical, these include all the administration whom have the responsibility of keeping the system and insuring all the information regarding accounts is up to date. The other users are the end users these are the staff that use the system to look up information regarding stock and customers. Problems The problem with the system is that it very basic and is time consuming for the employees to use, the employees find it hard to keep track of stock levels and the fact that the system is not updates as regular as it should often the database is out of date. ...read more.


There are cameras already fitted in the offices for security reasons, this will also look after the computers and allow surveillance of the area. This will make is very hard for people to be able to steal property of the company. The company will have to install a anti virus software, this is very important as this will prevent any viruses from destroying important information on the computer each computer will have to have there own separate method of checking for viruses. Analysis An interview was carried out with the owner of Cm electrical, this was done to try and suggest intentions for the new systems. The company at the moment is using a paper based filing system which they feel is preventing them from going forward and they know want to implement this new system and make it computerised compared to there current manual system. At the moment the staff have to search record by looking through large filing cabinets this is very time consuming and it can lead to files being misplaced or destroyed, the firms has a lot of information and data which they have they have collected over the years they have been open, there is a lot of paper work with in the office are invoices credit notes delivery notes and these all need to be sorted out. There are new customer everyday who wish to take out an account with the company, the company has take their details and record them and create a folder for them and their invoices. They're several ways for the system to be implemented: Manuel System: This is the system they are currently using, so this I not really an option because this is what the company feel it wants to move away from toward a computerised method. It is can be very easy to make mistakes so it time consuming and can be run poorly by human error. ...read more.


It now may allow the company to push on and become more efficient and speed up the business. The company know has many more options within the company in terms of their filing and organisation they can re-structure their system around the software to make there jobs easier and hassle free. Economic Implications The new ICT system should save the company money in the long run by saving money on expenditure such filing cabinets and paper. The initial cost will be high with the set up cost and implementation and then the training of the staff to be able to use the software. This should all be worthwhile in the long run when it saves the company money. Moral implications There will be very few if any jobs that are lost as many staff will be re-trained for use with the new system. Social Implications Unemployment was the major factor in terms of social implications, the problem here would that the introduction of computer in to this company may lead to the loss of jobs with in the company to some employees. However in CM electrical there are few jobs if any that would be lost with the introduction of computers in the work place. It is more likely to create jobs such as systems administrator, he would be in charge of the whole ICT system and he would be important if the system is big enough to need one. The company has not made anyone redundant and instead has created new jobs with system admin and another full time worker to use the system. Alterations The alteration I would make would to the design of the system, I would make it more aesthetically pleasing for the users. Also the actual sophistication of the design could be enhanced to improve the systems. Also the relationship between other application or options could be better. Dev-Inder Bhambra 1 ICT Task ...read more.

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