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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 1066

Task 2 Internet

Extracts from this document...


Task 2 internet evidence. URL DATE PURPOSE TASK www.google.co.uk 26/11/07 Music 2 www.google.co.uk 26/11/07 Music reviews 2 www.google.co.uk 26/11/07 Music reviews Leona Lewis 2 www.bbc.co.uk 28/11/07 Research validity bias and trustworthiness 2 www.inthenews.co.uk 28/11/07 Research validity bias and trustworthiness Not used www.amazon.co.uk 28/11/07 Research validity bias and trustworthiness Not used www.channel4.com 28/11/07 Research validity bias and trustworthiness Not used cd.ciao.co.uk 28/11/07 Research validity bias and trustworthiness 2 www.virginmedia.com 28/11/07 Research validity bias and trustworthiness 2 www.leona-lewis.net 10/12/07 (c) 2 www.love-leona-lewis.co.uk 10/12/07 (c) 2 Validity Bias Trustworthiness Validity Validity is you find out whether a comment or statement is true so you are finding out how valid it is. I have print screened the three websites and now I am going to talk about the validity of the three websites. I know from reading them that this is Leona's first album because she was the last person to win the X factor so this album release is a valid statement. On www.bbc.co.uk it mentions that Leona didn't really have the X factor after she had won it; www.virginmedia.com says she captured the hearts of the nation with her win of the X factor and cd.ciao.co.uk mentions she got on the spot light after the X factor show. ...read more.


For those who have commented on her tracks being dreary, well EVERYONE feels sad at some point, but personally I don't find that with most of the tracks on her debut album, I of course love the current No.1 Bleeding Love, but also my favs so far are Better in Time, The Best You Never Had, Footprints In The Sand (brilliant track) and the cover of The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, first heard her sing this on ITV, such emotion and feeling went into this, so much so that I prefer it to the original. Yes everyone will make up their own minds, yes everyone has different musical tastes, (thank god) but for me a very young at heart 51 year old think she is world class. Now get rid of the rubbish like Arctic Monkeys & Girls Aloud, and find Lindsey Winship another job she clearly is deaf. This is what Al Swansea said about Leona's album-I am at a loss trying to understand why 'Bleeding Love' is successful! It is dull, repetitive and completely forgettable. ...read more.


as limewire would probably give you a lot of viruses. Copyright. Non-copyright Copyright Copyright is a protected website etc. this protects them from there designed ideas from being copied from someone that claim to be theirs. Nobody can use it without the owner's permission or you might have to pay a fee to access the website (royalties). If you used the website without the owner's permission you could be sewed or taking to court. If you want to make your website (c) you can send a letter to yourself so that you will have proof that it was your song image etc. My copyright website has pictures on and songs on it so if you got caught trying to copy or download this song the owner could get you prosecuted and therefore you will be taking to caught because taking something that you have not thought of the ideas yourself is illegal (limewire is a common one because a lot of people download songs off there for free which is illegal). If you really wanted to copy something or download it off a copyrighted website you would need the owner's permission or it would be very likely you get sewed if you get caught. ?? ?? ?? ?? Chris Jones ...read more.

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