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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 3127

task2-report-template 3

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1 QCONTENTS 2 ANALYSIS [TOTAL: 12 MARKS] 2.1 Identify a Problem [4 marks] 2.1.1 The Organisation [1] Mr Philip is the owner of a small shop in east London, which is called laptop4u. He has been in business for a year and he thinks now it is time to produce a computer system to organise his business. As a result, he has asked me if I can help him. He needs a computer system that he can store laptops and customers details to make his life easier and to give him a feeling that his small shop is livelier and up-to-date. In order to be successful he needs to have a computer system which can organise his small business. The shop includes the owner and two other shop assistants who service customers. They sell new laptops and second-hand laptops. This project will be dealing with the problem that Mr Philip is having at the moment in his shop. Later on I will discuses the problem he is facing such as information always cannot be found. I imagine this system will deeply aid his business in many ways. 2.1.2 The Problems [1-4] * Changing data The users find it difficult to keep information up-to-date. * Price lists The users have difficultly to print an up-to-date price list easily when the prices change. * Speed of search When a question is asked it takes time to search because sometimes customers have a particular laptop in their mind and they can ring up the shop to see if the owner has one in the shop as a result the users are not able to provide the information quickly to the customers. * Contact customer The users extremely find it difficult to contact customers because they have to go through many steps in order to find out customer details and if they successful to contact costumers it usually takes a long time. ...read more.


I did not choose to use the alternative methods because by using a questionnaire I won't be able to understand the problem deeply because the owner will only answer the questions I ask and I cannot ask other questions to have a clear understating. Another reason why I did not choose to use this method to obtain is that questions need to be careful planned. 2.3 Identify the Inputs, Outputs and Processing Required [4 marks] 2.3.1 Input, Output and Processing Requirements [1-2] * Price lists The users need to be able to print an update price list easily. Input: Query - Brand = Toshiba + prices Output: The users need to see all Toshiba laptops with their prices. Information need to be shown on screen include: * Model * Brand * Processor Type * Width * Height * Memory Size * Memory Type * Hard Drive Capacity * New or old * Number of laptops in the stock * Price * Colour Processing: The users need to find the price that need to be changed in a card box where cards are kept and usually they just change the price with a pen. * Speed of search The users nee to be able to find out what customers ask for, such as; do you have any Sony laptop? They need to be able to answer this question without leaving their desk and quickly. Input: Query - Model = Sony and Colour = black Output: this list of information must be shown on the computer screen: * Model * Brand * Processor Type * Width * Height * Memory Size * Memory Type * Hard Drive Capacity * Price * Colour Processing: The users ask the customers to hold on, go to the box that the details cards are kept and go through each card. * Contact customers The users need to be able to see a list of details of customer who wants a particular laptop in order to send a letter to customer about his/her order. ...read more.


Changes made to the customer details form * I made the space of gender field narrow because this field only need to hold one character. * I made the space for first name and surname field wider because these fields may require having longer name in them. 3.3 Produce Designs for the Output Formats [3 marks] 3.3.1 Data Structure [1] * Prices of Toshiba laptop This output report showing list of Toshiba laptops prices including their details. The query is Model = Toshiba. Brand Model Processor Type Memory Size Hard Drive Capacity New or old Colour Price TOSHIBA SATELLITE P100-227 Intel Core Duo T2300E 1.66GHz 1024 MB RAM 80 GB New Sunlight Copper �549.99 TOSHIBA A300-1BZ Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T8100 3 GB 250 GB New Glossy Black �699.99 TOSHIBA L300-146 Intel Pentium Dual Core T2370 Processor 1 GB 120 GB Old Black �200.00 TOSHIBA L350-10L Intel Pentium Dual Core Processor T2370 2 GB 120 GB Old Black �250.00 TOSHIBA A2101AS AMD Turion 64 X2 Processor TL60 2 GB 160 GB New Silver �370.00 Number of laptops found 5 * Speed of search Finding information quickly by searching query Model = Sony and Colour = black Brand Model Processor Type Memory Size Hard Drive Capacity New or old Colour Price Sony VGN-AR61M Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T7500 2 GB 300 GB Old Black �400.00 Sony AR61S Intel Core 2 Duo T8100 Processor 2 GB 400 GB Old Black �500.00 Sony VGN-NR21J/S.CEK Intel Pentium Dual Core 2048 MB 200 GB New Black �499.99 Number of laptops found 3 Gender First name Surname Address Postcode Telephone number Order date Collect date Order Item M Ahmad Fahad 44 Peack house E5 5CA 079 5552 7592 02/02/08 Sony VGN-NR21J/S.CEK F Jane Mark 36 young house E8 DEA 079 1471 1436 08/02/08 TOSHIBA L350-10L * Contact customers This output report shows customer details who ordered laptop. * Mail Merge Letters ?? ?? ?? ?? GCSE ICT - Coursework Task 2 Page 1 of 13 ...read more.

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