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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 2034

Technical Documentation.

Extracts from this document...


Technical Documentation The spreadsheet that I have designed and produced was made to allow the user to enter new customers details in, and also new stock items as well. It allows the user to enter and process orders that the company receives from customers, and these orders are processed by using an invoice and a transaction file. Initially the invoice is the form where the order is submitted. This is then confirmed and printed off to give to the customer, whilst the order information is transferred and then saved in the sales transaction file. The spreadsheet I have produced is designed to do all of the above as efficiently as possible. Hardware For this spreadsheet to run to its designed capacity, the following items of hardware are required: * A monitor * A keyboard * A mouse * A PC (anything above a specification of 56mb and 128 bit processor will be sufficient, and it must have a CD-Rom drive installed) Software For this spreadsheet to run accordingly, the following item of software will be required: * Microsoft Office 2000, which includes a spreadsheet programme called Microsoft Excel 2000 * Windows 2000 or Windows XP Installing and Configuring the Spreadsheet * Insert the World of Trainers spreadsheet programme CD into the CD Rom drive * Open the CD by opening 'My Documents' and scrolling down to the correct CD-Rom drive location * Copy the file named 'World of Trainers' and paste it onto the desktop on your computer * Open by double-clicking on the icon that appears, and you are now ready to use the World of Trainers programme Macros, Formulae and Calculations =TODAY() ...read more.


Total Cost - I put a validation rule in place on the cell where the total cost of these particular stock items has to be entered in, to prevent any decimal number been entered in that is equal to or less than the minimum value of 0. The rule was the decimal number is not equal to or no less than 0. Input Screens The customer entry screen is the first screen that involves the user typing in information. From the main menu select 'Enter New Customer' and this will take you directly to the input screen. From this you then type in the customer's details into the correct cells. When all the data has been input, then it all must be checked manually then added to the customer master file. This can all be transferred by clicking the 'Update Customer Master File' button at the bottom of the screen. The information is then copied and pasted into the table on the customer master file screen. The stock entry screen works in a very similar way to the customer entry screen. From the main menu screen select 'Enter New Stock', and this will take you directly to the input screen. This screen involves the user typing in the stock details into the correct cells. The 'Create New Purchase Order' screen is an input screen that submits an order. On this screen the user must use scroll down boxes to bring up the customer's details, and scroll down boxes to bring up the stock details that the customer is ordering. ...read more.


Customer details appear in the correct cells All the customers details appear in the correct places 24 Vlookup's on the new purchase screen produces all the relevant stock information (Scroll down in the combo box and select 3 - randomly chosen Stock Code) Information of the selected stock appears in the correct cells All the information of the stock was recalled and situated in the correct places 25 Enter numbers for validation rule on new purchase screen 10 Accepted Accepted 26 Sum to work out total cost when quantity is given 10 Works out unit cost * quantity Produced correct answer 27 Copy information to invoice button on purchase entry screen (Click on button) All information transferred to invoice Correct information was successfully transferred into correct places on the invoice 28 New invoice number on invoice screen (Click on button) New invoice number and the relevant dates appear Next numerical invoice number appeared, along with correct dates 29 Confirm details button (Click on button) Relevant details of the customers order copies to the transaction file Relevant details copied to the correct columns in the transaction file 30 Print invoice button (Click on button) Sends the invoice to the local printer Printed the invoice 31 Print transaction file (Click on button) Sends the transaction file to the printer and prints it off in its table format Printed the transaction file correctly Re-Test No. Test Description Data input Expected outcome Actual outcome Revisions 1.) Original test number 15.) Enter characters for validation rule on quantity of stock items Twelve Error message Error message Technical Documentation Page 1 ...read more.

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